CEO and Management Team

YIT's Management Team

Composition of YIT Group's management team below.

YIT Group’s Management Team is the highest operational decision-making body and is responsible for allocating resources to the business segments. The Group Management Team is also responsible for assessing the performance of the business segments.

Composition of the management team

Heikki Vuorenmaa kuva

Heikki Vuorenmaa
President and CEO

Heikki Vuorenmaa CV
YIT Tuomas Mäkipeska

Tuomas Mäkipeska

Tuomas Mäkipeska CV
Tanja Kauhajärvi,  YIT

Tanja Kauhajärvi
Interim EVP, Human Resources

Tanja Kauhajärvi CV
YIT Tom Ekman

Tom Ekman
EVP, Business Premises segment

Tom Ekman CV
YIT Antti Inkilä

Antti Inkilä
EVP, Housing, Deputy to President and CEO

Antti Inkilä CV
YIT Juha Kostiainen

Juha Kostiainen
EVP, Urban Development & ESG

Juha Kostiainen CV
YIT Aleksi Laine

Aleksi Laine
Interim EVP, Infrastructure segment

Aleksi Laine CV
Updated 01.01.2022