Reducing the environmental impacts of YIT’s own operations

YIT takes into account and reduces the environmental and atmospheric impacts of its own operations, for instance, by improving the energy efficiency of its operations. YIT increases recycling activities in its production processes. In addition, it invests in improving the construction and demolition waste management and recycling. Through its own actions, YIT aims to safeguard biodiversity throughout its supply chain.


Our approach

Our operations have both immediate and decadeslong environmental impacts. The environmental impacts of our own operations are mainly local impacts, such as noise, dust, odors, vibration, landscape changes and emissions.

We strive to reduce our negative environmental impacts in all of our operations and we monitor our progress on a regular basis. We use a management system to manage the environmental impacts of our operations. We are continuously improving the monitoring and measuring activities of our operations.

The outputs of our operations — meaning the products we build — can have significant positive environmental impacts. We recognise that the construction and material choices we make have decades-long impacts. By making sustainable choices, we aim to enable the well-being of the environment and safe living for people.

We engage in continuous development and experiment with new solutions in all of our businesses. We strive to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible by maximising energy and material efficiency.