Good governance

We operate responsibly, ethically and legally in all situations.

We are committed to good governance and responsible business principles in all our activities and we demand the same from our partners. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption and the grey economy. We participate in major public and private projects. Good governance forms the foundation of our operations and its organization.

Good governance themes

As an international publicly traded company, we support and strengthen good business principles throughout society. Additionally, through our supply chains, we impact thousands of suppliers and their employees. We use an anonymous Whistleblowing reporting channel YIT Ethics Channel, where employees and partners can report suspected misconduct or unethical behaviour. Our Code of Conduct guides all our actions. The internal audit organisation monitors compliance with good governance and supports our risk management.

In our operations, the themes of preventing corruption and the grey economy, as well as responsible subcontracting and procurement are integral parts of good governance.