Responsible subcontracting and procurement

We commit to respecting labour and human rights in our own operations and supply chain, and we strive to identify the risks related to these issues.

We employ a substantial number of subcontractors and suppliers in all our operating countries. Good and trustworthy suppliers, subcontractors and service providers are paramount to YIT's operations.

We set environmental and social responsibility requirements for our subcontractors and supply chain and monitor the implementation of these demands. ​

Our approach

Our responsibility requirements apply to the entire supply chain. We have a group-wide policy, the YIT Supplier Code of Conduct, which applies to all cooperation with YIT’s current and potential suppliers. The YIT Supplier Code of Conduct requires our partners to comply with applicable national and international laws and regulations, respecting the rights of employees, preventing discrimination, paying special attention to occupational safety, and taking environmental issues into consideration in their operations.

In addition, our procurement activities are guided by our procurement policy. Read more about principles of operations.

How to identify labor exploitation?

All construction industry stakeholders must work together in order to implement more responsible subcontracting. To promote awareness and assist in recognizing signs of labour exploitation, we have developed a common guideline and poster for our construction sites. These resources aim to help identifying the signs of labour exploitation and to guide people to take appropriate action if there are suspicions regarding the fulfilment of worker’s rights.

SDG Goals

How to identify labor exploitation?

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