Sustainability management

Sustainability management

Sustainability as part of YIT's strategy

Sustainability is one of four cornerstones of YIT's strategy. The strategy for 2020–2022 is based on urbanisation, digitalisation and sustainability, which we have identified as the most significant megatrends with respect to our operations. To execute our strategy and enhance our progress, we launched four development programmes: Performance, Customer Focus, Green Growth and Services Development.

With the Green Growth development programme, we support growth and the development of productivity by applying the principles of sustainable development. Our goal is to identify the current state of our operations, set sustainability targets and enhance our operations through energy efficiency, material efficiency and the circular economy. The programme also aims to create new business in line with the principles of sustainable development.

YIT has established a Green Finance Framework to support investments promoting the transition towards a low-carbon circular economy. The Green Finance Framework will enable YIT to issue green bonds and other green financial instruments to finance projects with environmental benefits. The Framework will be one of the tools to support YIT to reach its climate and sustainability targets.

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Our sustainability practices

We guide our sustainability in many ways. You can explore the most important topics below.