Group structure and businesses

Creating better living environments

We develop and provide sustainable solutions for housing, business premises, infrastructure and property development together with our customers.

We create more sustainable, functional and attractive cities and living environments. We develop and build functional homes for sustainable living, future-proof public and commercial buildings and infrastructure for smoother flow of people, businesses and society.

Group structure

Our three reportable business segments are Housing, Business premises and Infrastructure.

YIT Group structure

Board of Directors and Management team


We operate in nine countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, EstoniaLatvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

  • We are the market leader in Housing business in Finland and one of the main players in Eastern Central Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland)
  • We are the leading developer of business premises in Finland and a significant player in Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland.
  • Our Property development market areas are in Finland and the CEE region.
  • We engage in challenging infrastructure construction in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

YIT has started preparations to close down the Infrastructure business in Norway.

Map of YIT's locations
YIT's locations on map and businesses in different market areas.