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YIT Finland’s Paving and mineral aggregates businesses will become YIT Industry Ltd on July 1, 2019

Due to this change, we have updated our invoicing information. Invoices regarding YIT Paving and mineral aggregates business must be made out to YIT Industry Ltd (2977551-2). Find the new invoicing details here 

YIT Invoicing addresses, Finland

Please see each country's own website for local invoicing details. Invoicing addresses for Finland are listed below. See contact details for our other locations here.

YIT Corporation

Business ID: 0112650-2
E-invoice: 00370112650206
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_oyj@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: P.o. Box 961 00026 BASWARE

YIT Finland Ltd

Note: The bill should include information stating the YIT project number and the cost centre in its own separate section. Do not send any other documents with the bills and their attachments!

YIT Finland Ltd Construction

Business ID: 1565583-5
E-invoice: 00371565583508
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_rakennus@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: PL 732, 00026 BASWARE

YIT Finland Ltd Infra

Business ID: 1565583-5
E-invoice: 00371565583519
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_infra@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: PL 476. 00026 BASWARE

YIT Finland Ltd Talo

Business ID: 1565583-5
E-invoice: 00371565583520
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_talo@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: PL 477. 00026 BASWARE

YIT Talon Tekniikka Ltd

Business ID: 2650013-4
E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Group Oy, operator code: E204503
E-invoice: 003726500134
Paper bills: PL 58123. 00063 Laskunet

YIT Equipment Ltd

Business ID: 0895915-2
E-invoice: 00370895915229
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_kalusto@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: Yhteiskouluntie 11 31700 URJALA as

YIT Industry Ltd

Business ID: 2977551-2
E-invoice: 003729775512
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_teollisuus@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: PL 1098. 00026 BASWARE


Accounts payable: ap@yit.fi 
Accounts receivable:  ar@yit.fi

YIT’s Responsibility in procurement and subcontracting

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