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On this page you will find all YIT invoicing details in Finland. Please see each country's own website for local invoicing details. Invoicing addresses for Finland are listed below. See contact details for our other locations here.

As part of the transformation program announced by YIT in February, YIT is renewing its corporate structure by incorporating the business operations of current YIT Suomi Oy. Due to the renewal, the billing information changed from January 1st, 2024.

Billing Addresses

YIT Business Premises Ltd

Company ID: 3370377-3
OVT /e-invoicing address: 00373370377396
Operator code: BAWCFI22 BASWARE
PDF Invoices: laskut.yit_businesspremises@bscs.basware.com

YIT Housing Ltd

Company ID: 1565583-5
OVT /e-invoicing address: 00371565583508
Operator code: BAWCFI22 BASWARE
PDF Invoices: laskut.yit_housing@bscs.basware.com

YIT Infra Ltd

Company ID: 3370391-7
OVT /e-invoicing address: 00373370391795
Operator code: BAWCFI22 BASWARE
PDF Invoices: laskut.yit_infra@bscs.basware.com

YIT Road Ltd

Company ID: 3370400-4
OVT /e-invoicing address: 00373370400494
Operator code: BAWCFI22 BASWARE
PDF Invoices: laskut.yit_road@bscs.basware.com

YIT Corporation 

Business ID: 0112650-2
E-invoice: 00370112650206
PDF-bills: laskut.yit_oyj@bscs.basware.com
Paper bills: P.o. Box 961 00026 BASWARE

YIT Talon Tekniikka Ltd

Business ID: 2650013-4
E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Group Oy, operator code: E204503
E-invoice: 003726500134
Paper bills: PL 58123. 00063 Laskunet


Accounts payable: ap@yit.fi
Accounts receivable: ar@yit.fi


+358 20 433 111

Service hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30-16:00

Call charge 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (incl. VAT). International rate as applicable.

YIT Corporation, Head Office

P.O. Box 36, Panuntie 11
00620 Helsinki, Finland

Reception open:
Mon - Fri at 7:30-16:30

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