Insider Administration

YIT Corporation's Board of Directors has approved YIT Group's Guidelines for Insiders.

The Board of Directors of YIT Corporation has ratified for the company “Guidelines for Insider Matters and Trading in Financial Instruments” in order to explicate and supplement the provisions of the Market Abuse Regulation and laws and regulation based on it as well as the rules and Guidelines for Insiders of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, which YIT as a public listed company is required to comply with.

YIT’s Guidelines for Insider Matters and Trading in Financial Instruments regulate among other issues managing of insider matters, delaying of disclosure of inside information, insider lists and disclosure of management trading within YIT and thereby aim for its part to further strengthen general confidence in the securities market, enhance investors’ equal access to information and prevent abuse in the marketplace.

YIT has determined that the managers, whose transactions with YIT’s financial instruments shall be notified and published based on MAR, consists of members of the Board of Directors of YIT Corporation and the President and CEO of YIT Corporation and the CFO of YIT Corporation. These managers shall not conduct any transactions on his/her own account or for the account of a third party relating to YIT Financial Instruments during a closed window of 30 calendar days before the announcement of a interim financial report or financial statements bulletin.

Company has also defined to be also subject to the 30 days trading restriction (closed window) those employees other than those discharging managerial responsibilities who regularly participate in preparing, drawing up or disclosing interim reports or financial statements bulletins or receive information of their incoming contents during the preparing or drawing up prior to their disclosure. In addition, company keeps when needed project-specific insider lists for persons involved in insider projects.

Company’s Guidelines for Insider Matters and Trading in Financial Instruments among supplementary guidelines are available for the employees of the company on the company’s internal website.

The person in charge of insider matters of YIT Corporation is the Corporate General Counsel.

Updated 23.03.2021