Urban development

Urban development

The future is in cities

Urbanisation is one of the megatrends behind YIT's strategy. Urbanisation is proceeding all over the world and especially in knowledge-based societies. 

Urbanisation, increasing density of people in cities and aging buildings are some of the biggest reasons for the increasing need for sustainable urban development now and in the future. Our vision is to bring more life in sustainable cities.

Sustainable Urban Environments barometer 2020

Sustainable Urban Environments barometer aims to reveal the types of urban environments people wish to see developed. The participating city dwellers express their views on themes such as home, urban environment, transport and retail.

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Megatrends drive the development

Some of the current megatrends are the change in mobility, strengthening of localism, sustainable consumption and servitization. At the moment particularly much is happening in mobility. Megatrends drive urban development and here at YIT we want to distinguish ourselves with visionary urban development.

Urban development projects renew large regional areas and urban structures. Urban development encourages mixing of city functions in well reachable locations.

Solutions based on the hybrid model are considered when planning urban development projects. Hybrid projects broadly combine various aspects of construction, such as infra, office renovation and residential construction. A good example of the wide-ranging nature of urban development is, for example, Tripla in Pasila. Tripla combines homes, a shopping center, offices and the renewed Pasila station.

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Watch what YIT's Head of Urban Development, Juha Kostiainen, tells about the topic.

Pasila before

Pasila in the future

Urban development projects at YIT

Often people hope to find services close to their homes. For this need, we have responded with the mixed use principle, where living, services, jobs and modern public transport services are embedded in the urban structure. Urban development projects are diverse, such as hybrid projects, station areas and old industrial areas.

At YIT, we also understand the different aspects of urban development projects: the project planning and design, zoning, construction and repair, finding an investor and renting the premises. Read more about our various urban development projects below.

Urban development contacts

Please contact our urban development professionals by YIT’s switchboard tel. +358 20 433 111.

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Large urban development projects
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