YIT has one auditor, which must be an approved and registered auditing firm pursuant to the Auditing Act (1141/2015).

The Annual General Meeting elects the auditor based on the proposal of the Board of Directors. The Board’s Audit Committee prepares the draft resolution concerning the election of the auditor. The auditor audits the company’s accounting, financial statements and administration for the financial year. The parent company’s auditor must also audit the consolidated financial statements. The auditor reports regularly to the Board of Directors and its Audit Committee and gives YIT’s shareholders an Auditor’s Report as required by law. 

Pursuant to the decision of the Annual General Meeting, the auditor’s fee is paid as per the invoice approved by the company. We comply with the provisions of the Finnish Accounting Act and the EU Audit Regulation regarding the maximum duration of the auditor’s terms of office and, in electing the auditor, we also take into consideration that the duration of the chief auditor’s consecutive terms of office may not exceed seven years. 

YIT’s auditor is the auditing firm Ernst & Young Oy, with Authorised Public Accountant Mikko Rytilahti as the chief auditor.


Updated 23.03.2021