Strategy, vision, mission and values

Our vision is more life in sustainable cities

We create better living environments and we believe people will continue to shift into urban growth centers.

Sustainable urban development is at the heart of our business. Our basic mission is to create functional cities and sustainable living environments in all our countries of operation. Improving the business mix and strengthening profitability and performance are priorities in our strategy.

Megatrends affect our operations and strategic choices. We believe urbanization will continue despite the corona virus pandemic. The digital leap that took place during the past year will permanently change the way knowledge workers work and the utilization of data will become a key competitive factor in business. Sustainable requirements, the needs of an aging population and health and safety factors are having a greater impact on consumers' purchasing decisions.

People want security, comfortability and ease in their everyday life. Our mission is to create sustainable urban environments and functional cities which enable smooth and easy living, working and commuting. That's why we come to work each day at YIT.

Strategy – Performance across cycles

YIT is involved in the entire life cycle of the built environment. We focus on sustainable urban development and property investments. Our target is to continue to strengthen residential plot reserve focusing on capital regions and other strongest growth centres and to increase capabilities further in project development. In property investments, strong partnerships and co-operation models enable implementing large urban projects with controlled capital use and a lower risk level. We also continue to grow the long-term housing portfolio.

Target of our strategy is to improve profitability and to maintain financial stability. YIT’s strategic targets as confirmed by the Board of Directors are:

  • >12% return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • < 50% gearing
  • Annually growing dividend per share
  • Halving greenhouse gas emissions from 2019 by 2030

More financial information on our Investor's page

YIT strategy mix

Our cornerstones of success

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Happy people

The company culture and management are reflected in our working community and employee satisfaction. Supportive teams and supervisors strengthen employee commitment and inspire everyone to work toward our shared goals. Our target is to be the most desired employer in our field among current employees, students and professionals.

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Stepping up sustainability

We are committed to halving our carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. We also want to enable carbon-neutral heating, cooling and hot water in our self-developed projects. We aim to differentiate ourselves through our sustainable products and services.

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Success with customers and partners

Creating an excellent customer experience is a key objective for us. We want to differentiate ourselves through new services and concepts that support our business.

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Top performance

We aim to improve our productivity. Our objectives include capital efficiency, better project margins and minimising negative adjustments to projects.

Mission, vision and values

- The Basis of YIT's way of Working


Creating better living environments.

The mission is the operating policy of our company and the reason why it exists. It answers the questions of what we want to do as a company and what we want to achieve.


More life in sustainable cities.

The vision is our shared dream about the future of our company. Where do we want to be, what is the target that we aspire towards?



  • We care about our customers and personnel

  • We look for environmentally sustainable solutions


  • We are open and share knowledge
  • We involve and partner to succeed


  • We trust and build a positive spirit
  • We empower people to innovate and challenge


  • We aim high with quality, expertise and results
  • We work ethically and keep our promises

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