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Partnerships at YIT

We work closely with our partners. We employ a substantial number of subcontractors and suppliers in all of our operating countries.

Partner with us?

We carry out projects in all our operating countries together with our partners. We also aim to develop our working methods and practices together with our partners.

Subcontractors and suppliers

Reliable and high-quality suppliers, subcontractors and service providers are essential to our operations. Our goal is to develop the work and ways of working together with our partners. We aim for long-lasting and mutually satisfying relationships with them. We want to ensure good business practices throughout the supply chain and support the development of the entire industry toward a more responsible and ethical direction.

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Covid-19 instructions at sites

We monitor the Covid-19 pandemic and update instructions for our subcontractors in Finnish, English, Estonian and Russian. All our partners must follow our instructions on sites.

See the instructions here