Good governance and preventing corruption and grey economy

We commit to complying with good corporate governance and responsible business principles by preventing corruption and managing risk.

Our operations are ethical and transparent, and our responsibility requirements also apply to our entire supply chain, which is monitored for compliance.​

Our approach

YIT is committed to good corporate governance through compliance with laws and regulations, responsible business principles and by implementing best practices. Our operations are guided by the YIT Code of Conduct, which sets guidelines for our activities in relation to customers, employees, shareholders, partners, competitors, society and the environment. The Code of Conduct is used in all our operating countries. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding the grey economy and we actively promote the fight against it. Read more about YIT Corporate Governance.

Reporting of malpractice

The Contractor’s Obligations Act

We take the Finnish Contractor’s Obligations Act into consideration in all our subcontract agreements and it is part of the basic duties of everyone who works in procurement at YIT.

We require that all Finnish, Swedish and Estonian subcontractors, used by our company in Finland, join the Reliable Partner service by Vastuu Group. The service retrieves all required information from different registers and keeps the information up to date. The service allows us to confirm that our contractual partners have fulfilled their statutory obligations, such as taxes, pension contributions and obligations stipulated by collective labour agreements. We don’t do business with Finnish, Swedish or Estonian companies that have not joined this service. The requirement to join the Reliable Partner Service is included in the company’s tender requests and subcontract agreements. So far, only Finnish, Swedish and Estonian companies can join the service. We require that subcontractors from other countries supply the corresponding information with a registration document or similar certificate in accordance with the law of the country of establishment of the company or in another generally accepted manner (1233/2006 Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out).

SDG Goals