Climate change mitigation

Climate change mitigation

Climate change mitigation is one of YIT's strategic targets

The built environment and construction consume around half of the world's natural resources and account for around 40% of energy consumption. Around a third of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the use and construction of buildings. Mitigating climate change is a key part of YIT's strategy. We updated our climate target in 2022 and created a carbon roadmap to reduce emissions. The carbon roadmap contains four sets of measures covering the entire construction lifecycle, from sales and design control to procurement and site operations.

Our long-term goal is carbon-neutral construction throughout the value chain. By 2030, we will be carbon neutral in our own operations (scope 1-2) and have reduced emissions in our value chain by more than 30% compared to 2019.

YIT Climate targets 2030

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In terms of its own operations, YIT has already succeeded in reducing emissions by more than 51% compared to 2019 by transitioning to renewable electricity with guarantees of origin. Carbon neutrality also requires switching over to carbon neutral energy sources for our fleet and for the heating and cooling of our own properties. We urge our partners in the supply chain to contribute to achieving substantial emission reductions. For building materials, this applies in particular to concrete and steel products. The roadmap further covers developing the personnel's environmental expertise and updating the company's decision making and incentives system criteria.

We also take climate change into account in our risk management. In Autumn 2020, we launched a detailed climate change risk and opportunity assessment (TCFD), which assessed two different global warming scenarios and their effects on YIT's business. Based on the assessment, we will further develop our risk management.