Business premises

Construction, renovation and life-cycle projects

Diverse offices, business, production and logistics premises, hybrid projects, public spaces and housing contracting.

The Business premises segment is responsible for the construction of business premises projects in particular. We focus on new construction, renovation and life-cycle projects. Our projects include offices, business premises, production premises and logistics premises as well as public buildings. We also build residential projects on a contracting basis and carry out hybrid projects that combine various uses.

Focus of the business

The focus of our business premises operations is on new sustainable urban development projects and renovation. We aim to achieve an industry-leading position in energy efficiency, material efficiency and the use of circular economy solutions. Urbanisation, the densification of the urban structure and the ageing of the building stock create a growing need for renovation, which is why our services also include changes in the use of buildings as well as repairs of business premises and housing companies. We have monitored the site-specific carbon footprint of our self-developed projects starting from 2020.

We are the leading developer of business premises in Finland and a significant player in Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

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