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COVID-19 instructions at sites

Please find below our instructions to subcontractors on how to protect their workforce and our construction sites from the corona virus (COVID-19).

We are constantly monitoring the status of the corona pandemic and related instructions of health authorities. We will update this content according to the newest guidance and information. We truly appreciate your cooperation.

Note! / Внимание! / Tähelepanu! / Huom!

Instructions only apply to YIT's construction sites in Finland​​​​​​​​​​​​​. / Инструкции относятся только к строительным площадкам YIT в Финляндии.  /  Juhised kehtivad ainult YIT-i Soome ehitusobjektidele.  /  Ohjeistukset koskevat vain YIT:n työmaita Suomessa.

Будьте осторожны и здоровы, обучающие видео

Covid-19 инструкция плакат

Corona instructions poster in Russian

Инструкции по коронавирусу для подрядчиков



Часто задаваемые вопросы

Xavfsiz va sog'lom ko'rsatmalar videosi

Ole ohutu ja tervislik õppevideo

Covid-19 juhiste plakat


Corona instructions poster in Estonian

Koroonaviirusega seotud juhend alltöövõtjatele



Korduma kippuvad küsimused

Stay safe and healthy instruction video

Covid-19 instruction poster

ENG poster thumb image.jpg

Coronavirus instructions for subcontractors



Frequently asked questions

Pysy turvassa ja terveenä ohjevideo

Covid-19 ohjejuliste

FI poster thumb image.jpg

Korona-ohjeistus aliurakoitsijoille



Usein kysytyt kysymykset

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