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YIT Corporation
Corporate Communications
P.O. Box 36, Panuntie 11
00620 Helsinki
Tel. +358 20 433 111 (switchboard)

Hanna Malmivaara
Senior Vice President, Communications
Kristina Broman
Head of Brand
Mari Rahikka
Communications Manager, Employer Branding
Pauliina Pykälä
Communications Business Partner, Paving
Mia Ranta-aho
Vice President, Sustainability
Heidi Kauppinen
Communications Manager, Project communications
Katri Jalo-Salokangas
Head of Digital Communications, YIT Group
Arja Korhonen
Communications Business Partner, Business Premisess
Katja Tiitinen | Катья Тиитинен
Head of Communications, Housing Russia
Hanna Valonen
Communications Specialist, Finance and Sustainability
Tuija Vilhomaa
Communications Specialist, project communications
Kristina Jurgens
Communications coordinator
Pirita Tiusanen
Communications Business Partner, Infra
Johanna Savolainen
Communications Business Partner, Housing Finland and CEE
Tia Oja
Communications Specialist, Internal communications
Joonas Rinkinen
Communications Specialist​, Project communication


In all media related inquiries please contact YIT Press Desk Mon-Fri between 9 am and 4 pm (CET+1) +358 44 743 7536, e-mail press(at)yit.fi


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