Cooperation and sponsorship applications

All of our cooperation and sponsorship decisions are based on promoting sustainable development and better living environments. We place a high priority on working together and promoting a greater sense of community. For this reason, we prefer to support groups rather than individuals, and we primarily allocate our cooperation and sponsorship funds to supporting activities for children and young people. We operate in accordance with our values, emphasising impartiality, fairness and openness. We expect the same from applicants and our partners. We do not provide support to political parties, groups or individual politicians. We make all of our decisions according to the YIT Business Principles

Cooperation and sponsorship

For long-term cooperation and sponsorship projects, you may submit a sponsorship application by using the form below.

Please complete the application carefully. The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. We process applications once a month. For approved applications, we will contact the contact person within approximately one month. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to enquiries by telephone or email.

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