YIT rose to the second spot in a ranking of the most attractive construction industry employers among engineering professionals

YIT Corporation Press release October 25, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. 

Universum YIT
Universum YIT

YIT rose to the second spot in a ranking of the most attractive construction industry employers among engineering students, thereby improving its rank by two places compared to last year in the Universum Professionals survey. Professionals in the field of business and commerce ranked YIT as the most attractive employer in the construction industry. YIT also continued its rise in the Universum rankings of the most attractive employers in the broader category of technical industries with this year’s ranking of 11, representing an improvement of four places compared to last year.

The construction industry needs increasingly diverse competencies and professionals representing various backgrounds.

This is especially true in YIT’s case as the core of our business model consists of sustainable urban development and the ability to develop self-developed projects as well as other demanding projects that involve responsibility for planning and design. 

Developing new professionals for the industry has been a strategic choice for YIT for many years now. This is evident not only in the recent Universum Professionals survey but also the Universum Students survey published in May, which saw YIT ranked as the most attractive construction industry employer while also reaching a record-high ranking of fifth among the most attractive employers in the technical industries in general.

Professionals place a high value on the working community and the way they are treated

Engineering professionals also place a high value on their working community. In the “People and culture” category of the survey, the participating professionals rated superiors who support development as the most important factor, followed in second place by a friendly workplace atmosphere and a culture of respecting employees in third.

“These days, the nature of one’s duties is no longer the only deciding factor, although the ability to develop in one’s work still plays an important role. When people have longer careers behind them, the working community becomes an increasingly significant factor. The comprehensive well-being of our personnel is one of our major themes. In last year’s personnel survey, for example, we received excellent feedback on job satisfaction in particular. Our employees indicated that they receive support from their superiors and engage in close cooperation within the working community,” says Timo Piili, Head of Group Recruiting & Resourcing at YIT.

Successful projects are the result of a tremendous amount of specialised expertise

Having a wide range of professionals from various backgrounds and trust in the competence of specialists form the foundation on which successful projects and operational development are built.

“Without skilled specialists in both construction and project management, we would not be able to successfully carry out major projects such as Tripla and the new central library Oodi in Helsinki. YIT has a strong culture characterised by the desire to share knowledge and achieve success together. Veteran employees guide younger talents with the kind of professionalism that only experience can bring, while the younger team members share the latest know-how with their more experienced colleagues. Everyone is given responsibility, but no one is left without support,” Piili points out. 

In addition to having the competence to carry out major projects, the YIT organisation possesses hard-to-find competencies that only a small group of people — or only a few individuals — can offer in Finland. For example, highly demanding slip forming jobs on projects such as water towers are carried out by a small and proud group of YIT professionals, the most experienced of whom have more than 30 years of experience in slip forming at YIT. Fortunately, the group also includes younger members who will carry the torch, since slip forming is not something you can learn at school. It can only be learned using the master-apprentice model.

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