YIT construction industry´s most attractive employer for students

YIT Corporation Press release, May 16, 2019, at 7 a.m. 

Universun opiskelijatutkimus YIT
Universun opiskelijatutkimus YIT

Technology students ranked YIT as the most ideal construction industry employer in Universum’s Student Survey. YIT also improved its ranking in the list of ideal technology employers: the company was ranked 5th, which is YIT’s best ranking so far in this list. Every year, YIT offers diverse summer jobs and work placements to about 1,000 young people in the spirit of doing things together.

Traditionally, student employees spend the summer at YIT learning the ropes and putting the teachings of their construction studies into practice. All our summer employees at construction sites follow the methodical YIT Path training programme in accordance with their respective study phases. Our approximately 1,000 summer employees and trainees are given other duties as well. Some of our trainees have the opportunity to become involved in construction projects still in the development phase, such as the Trigoni plan for the Pasila high-rise area in Helsinki.

“For us, it is important to involve students in the different stages of projects so that they can improve their skills. In addition to the summer season, we give guidance to students throughout the year. Our personnel actively takes responsibility for both induction and successful training,” says Jouni Forsman, Senior Project Director, Trigoni project.

In the coming summer, seven trainees will be working in the Trigoni project, with backgrounds in business and architecture studies, among others. The trainees will have diverse duties ranging from market analysis to sustainable development, and from information management to communications.

“Our personnel have done valuable work by interviewing and selecting enthusiastic students for our project. Students will increase their knowledge about the project development cycle and gain a unique vision of the requirements of high-rise construction,” Forsman adds.

Best possible trainee experience

The working community plays an important part for construction engineering students. A friendly working community, superiors who support your development and respectful treatment were the three most important factors for technology students in the “People and Culture” category of the Student Survey.

At YIT, trainee experience is assessed annually, the indicators including supervisory work and employee satisfaction, for example. Last summer, feedback was received from nearly 250 students in face-to-face and telephone interviews and from an online poll. According to the results, 89% of the respondents felt that they received sufficient support from their superiors and 97% were willing to recommend YIT as an employer.

“We want to provide the best possible trainee experience and be the industry’s number one choice for students. One thousand trainees and summer employees is our goal for this year as well. To succeed in this, we have an equivalent number of excellent superiors to take responsibility for the proper orientation, safety, assignment of tasks and job satisfaction of our young employees – in the YIT spirit,” explains Timo Piili, Head of Group Recruiting and Resourcing at YIT. 

YIT has been voted the most ideal employer in the construction industry eight times in the 2010s. A total of 2,360 technology students responded to Universum’s Student Survey.

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