YIT recognised as the ideal construction industry employer for the fourth consecutive year

YIT Corporation Press Release 19 September 2023 at 1:00 p.m.

YIT ihannetyönantaja
YIT ihannetyönantaja

Professionals in the field of engineering ranked YIT as the most attractive employer in the construction industry in the Universum Professionals Survey for the fourth consecutive year. According to the Universum Student Survey published in May, YIT was the most attractive employer in the construction industry for the fifth consecutive time.

YIT is once again the most attractive employer for both university-educated professionals and students in the construction industry.

"We are very proud of this recognition and the fact that YIT has remained the ideal employer for professionals in the field for such a long time. It is important for us to remain a pioneer in our field and to invest in our operating methods, personnel competence development and diverse career paths. In particular, in this challenging market situation in the construction sector, we bear our responsibility for the attractiveness of the industry, offering opportunities for personal development and excellent employee experience,” said Heikki Vuorenmaa, President and CEO of YIT.

The YIT Path trainee programme fosters more young professionals in the construction industry. YIT will provide summer jobs and internships for about 400 young people this year. Of those who completed our trainee feedback survey last summer, 99% indicated that they wish to work at YIT in the future and were willing to recommend YIT as an employer to their acquaintances. As many as 97% of the respondents enjoyed being part of the team.

YIT also invests in responsibility, which is essential for long-term competitiveness. YIT became the first Finnish construction company to receive an approval from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its emission reduction targets. Customers increasingly demand sustainable solutions, and YIT intends to be at the forefront in providing them. With its science-based emission reduction targets, YIT also encourages its partners to invest in sustainable solutions.

“We succeed in complex projects and in a demanding operating environment by acting as one YIT team. Open and creative cooperation, the courage to create new things and an appreciative attitude towards our colleagues and customers will lead to success,” said Tanja Kauhajärvi, interim EVP, Human Resources.

YIT also promotes productivity and good practices in the construction industry. One of the strategic priorities is the YIT Industrial Construction model, which promotes uniform takt production and facilitates the daily work of professionals on our construction sites.

“With our industrial construction model, we improve the manageability and productivity of construction sites. The model is our own takt-based production system that we use on our construction sites. It allows us to finish the constructions faster, without compromising on quality, and makes day-to-day work clearer and easier to manage,” said Heikki Vuorenmaa, President and CEO.

The first 300 YIT employees have already received training on this shared approach, and the training will continue both internally and with partners.

The YIT Industrial Construction model has been used, for example, in the construction of Tammisairaala, the new HUS eye hospital in Meilahti, Helsinki, Tuultenristi, the modern Smart Building retail and office building project in Tapiola, Espoo, and Nihdin Torni, the residential apartment building project on Sompasaari island, Helsinki.

A total of approximately 7,800 people responded to the Universum Professionals Survey, about 1,500 of whom were engineering professionals. 

YIT recognised as the ideal construction industry employer for engineering students for the fifth consecutive year | YITGROUP.COM

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Maija Taimi, Senior Vice President, Communications, YIT, tel.  +358 50 487 1561, maija.taimi@yit.fi

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