YIT is the ideal construction industry employer for engineering students for the sixth consecutive year

YIT Corporation Press Release 8 May 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Universum Opiskelijat 2024
Universum Opiskelijat 2024

Engineering students have ranked YIT as the most ideal construction industry employer in Universum’s Student Survey for the sixth consecutive time. In the ranking list of ideal engineering employers, YIT achieved seventh place. This year, YIT aims to offer summer jobs or trainee positions to approximately 350 young people.

Engineering students ranked YIT as the most ideal construction industry employer in Universum’s Student Survey 2024, for the sixth consecutive year. A total of 3,125 engineering students responded to the survey. YIT was also ranked as the ideal construction industry employer among university-educated professionals in Universum’s Professionals Survey for the fourth year running.

“We are extremely happy that engineering students appreciate YIT as an employer and that we have held on to our number one ranking in the construction sector for so long. With the recent public attention on the construction sector’s operating environment, it is extremely important to us that young people find YIT interesting, even in this more challenging economic situation. We invest heavily in the trainee experience and receive positive feedback from our trainees. We want to continue to nurture future professionals for the construction sector,” explains Jennie Stenbom, the Executive Vice President for Human Resources.

Successful internship in the YIT Path training programme creates a strong foundation for working life

For several years now, YIT has invested in an excellent trainee experience by means of high-quality induction and occupational safety, tasks tailored for competencies, guidance and a good team spirit. Goals for internships and tasks are tailored in accordance with the trainees’ competencies and the stage of their studies. Each trainee is also assigned a mentor, many of whom have participated in the YIT Path training programme themselves.

When the content of the internship is meticulously planned and executed under the guidance of experienced professionals, students gain essential hands-on expertise. It prepares them to assume even more challenging responsibilities after graduation.

“We conduct annual feedback surveys to assess how well we have succeeded in the organisation of the internship and develop the training programme with the mentors. Our success in this is attested to by the fact that 99% of the trainees who complete the feedback survey want to work for YIT in the future,” says Thomas Finell, who is responsible for recruitment at YIT.

The investments in a systematic training path are reflected in the results of the feedback survey as a whole. Up to 99% of the respondents would recommend YIT as an employer, while 95% felt the working conditions were safe.

“It is important to us to make students part of our team from the outset and to offer them opportunities to demonstrate their skills, while ensuring they are given the support they require. Of the respondents to the feedback survey, 97% enjoyed being part of the team here,” Thomas adds.

The role of the work community was also highlighted in Universum’s Student Survey, with engineering students ranking “a friendly working environment” as the most important attribute in the people and culture category.

In our annual YIT Voice personnel survey, trainees gave the highest rating to the relationship with their colleagues. They reported receiving support from their colleagues whenever it was needed (4.4/5) and gave a grade of 4.3/5 for the statement “Our team has an excellent team spirit”.

YIT aims to offer summer jobs or trainee positions to approximately 350 students in 2024.

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