OP Uusimaa and the City of Järvenpää signed as main tenants of the Perhelä office building

YIT Corporation Press release July 9, 2020, at 11:00 a.m.

Perhelä Järvenpää
Perhelä Järvenpää

YIT has signed long lease agreements with OP Uusimaa and the City of Järvenpää for premises in the Perhelä block’s office building in Järvenpää, Finland.

With these agreements, the office building’s occupancy rate rises to 85 per cent. The building still has approximately 850 square metres of vacant office premises.

The Perhelä block is located at the heart of Järvenpää, next to the railway station. The office building has seven floors, six of which are reserved for offices. The top floor will have a meeting room that all tenants can use and that can also be leased to external parties, if necessary.

The office premises are planned and implemented as modern and structurally flexible multi-space offices.

In addition to the offices, the Perhelä block will consist of a 20-storey high-rise building, two smaller apartment buildings and retail space. The planned number of apartments is approximately 300.

The construction of the project is planned to begin in the spring of 2021. Tenants can move to their new premises approximately two years after the start of construction.

“We are happy to have all of the group’s administrative employees under one roof. What I am most excited about is the future meeting place that enables the city’s residents to participate in a completely new way,” says Olli Naukkarinen, Mayor, City of Järvenpää.

“For years, OP Uusimaa has been looking for new business premises in Järvenpää that would better serve the needs of customers and employees. As the bank’s operations move to Perhelä, the further development of central Järvenpää can continue in the properties currently owned by OP. We want to do our part to promote Järvenpää’s vitality,” says Eero Joensuu, Director of Risk Management at OP Uusimaa.

OP will have 90 employees in the Perhelä block while the City of Järvenpää will have 250 employees.

“Perhelä combines high-quality living, diverse services and jobs, and it will revitalise the city centre of Järvenpää and offer a smooth daily life for all of its user groups. Perhelä gives us a delightful opportunity to realise YIT’s main task, which is to create better living environments,” says a pleased Sami Viitanen, Vice President, YIT.

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Eero Joensuu, Director of Risk Management, OP Uusimaa, tel. +358 (0)10 254 2020, eero.joensuu@op.fi
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