100 was just the beginning – more than 200 good deeds have already been done in YIT’s responsibility programme

YIT CORPORATION Press release, October 9, 2019, at 07:00 a.m. 

200 good deeds YIT
200 good deeds YIT

The idea of the 100 Good Deeds programme first saw the light of day in 2012 when YIT reached its 100th year. The purpose of the centenary campaign is to do various small, good deeds for non-profit organisations and associations.

The beneficiaries include various communities, associations, organisations, schools, daycare centres and assisted living facilities around Finland. Good deeds are done both by YIT’s employees and by those who ask YIT for monetary compensation in return for logo visibility: they are challenged to do a good deed for a third party in return for compensation.

The campaign was very successful right from the start and has now turned into a YIT social responsibility programme, with more than 200 good deeds done as part of it.

“We want to be a responsible member of society and work for the common good in the spirit of sustainable development. The 100 Good Deeds programme is an excellent example of concrete actions that we can take to help. The programme demands a whole new level of commitment from us compared to simply donating money. I am delighted to see that many other companies have performed similar responsibility deeds lately,” says YIT’s Kristina Broman, who has been involved in the 100 Good Deeds programme from its beginning.

Recycling, using YIT’s own fleet, improving safety, sharing expertise and increasing the personnel’s motivation play significant roles in the good deed principles. The key concept is to do many good deeds for many parties rather than do a couple of good deeds for a few parties.

The deeds done during the years cover an extensive range of activities: building planting boxes, sledging hills and animal feeding sites, making repairs that make everyday life easier, helping in camp arrangements, moving stones and goods, teaching repurposing, nailing and painting, installing ball walls and renovating a minigolf course.

“We have also recycled construction site sheds, wood, paper, exhibition cubicle walls, furniture and computers and supported children’s and young people’s sports clubs in return for good deeds. For example, girls from the sports club Honka have paid several visits to assisted living facilities and delighted the residents with pampering, handicraft and sports activities. Last autumn, we donated 1,000 spruce saplings to the 4-H association in return for good deeds done by the visitors of Helsinki Central Library Oodi. The young 4-H members planted the saplings in the Forest of Good Deeds,” says Broman.

YIT intends to continue its 100 Good Deeds programme in the future, too.

“Small deeds have a big meaning and together we can change the world into a better place for us all. Good deeds generate a virtuous circle of good. The programme is also a very concrete example of how our competent personnel truly is our key resource.”

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