Tripla acted as a training place for approximately 100 young construction professionals

YIT Corporation News September 30, 2020, at 08:00 a.m.

Tripla harjoittelijat YIT
Tripla harjoittelijat YIT

According to this year’s YIT trainee feedback, up to 97% of respondents would like to work at YIT in the future.

Each year, roughly 850 young people become acquainted with the construction industry through YIT’s summer jobs and traineeships. Up to 50% of them continue at YIT the following summer, or in hourly employment during the academic year, or in a permanent employment relationship upon graduation.

In recent years, a total of one hundred young people have been learning the ropes at Tripla, the largest construction project in Finland’s recent history, in Pasila, Helsinki. The total area of Tripla equals a whopping 50 football pitches. It consists of a shopping centre, multistorey car park, public transport station, apartments, a hotel and an office block. Tripla is fully completed this autumn.

You could not find a more diverse working environment in the construction industry if you tried.

Today, Atte Yppärilä, Martin-Fredrik Rikkinen, Rosa Ruokonen and Maarit Martin are young professionals working in the construction industry, but a few years ago they were all trainees at Tripla at the same time. On a large site, each of them performed slightly different tasks, but all of them enjoyed the excellent team spirit and shared experiences.

You can read the stories of Atte, Martin-Fredrik, Rosa and Maarit about their traineeships HERE.

Normally the path offered by YIT to university students always starts as a blue-collar traineeship

Blue-collar trainees learn the ropes of the construction industry with the help of a designated tutor. The trainees become familiar with occupational safety, the professional vocabulary and the various tasks on the construction site. Many who have already moved on to other tasks, such as supervisory duties, look back on the training period fondly and recommend it to anyone interested in the field.

If the student has already completed a significant amount of their studies, they can move directly to the second stage of the traineeship. YIT also receives job applications from students with a vocational school background as well as students who already have previous work experience from the construction industry.

Martin-Fredrik Rikkinen, currently a foreman at YIT, had been working as a builder since 2009, five years before he started his bachelor’s studies in the master builder programme. Martin-Fredrik started as a site supervisor trainee on the Tripla site in spring 2017.

“I started working as a site supervisor trainee, but as I was soon given duties with a big responsibility, the ‘trainee’ part of the title was dropped after the summer. I believe that the vocational studies gave me an advantage over upper secondary school students. Of course, the school can provide a good starting point for the industry, but the rest has to be learned in hands-on work on site.”

After Tripla, Martin-Fredrik moved to housing construction in the role of foreman. He is currently working in the Rosanne and Berttina housing projects in Konala, Helsinki.

According to this year’s YIT trainee feedback, up to 97% of respondents would like to work at YIT in the future. And no wonder, as YIT is the ideal employer in the construction industry for engineering students (Universum Student Survey 2020).

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