An open minded and solution-seeking construction professional will thrive in alliance model built projects

YIT Corporation News 8 December 2021 at 08:00 a.m.

YIT alliance
YIT alliance

Reliable, cooperative, experimental, challenger and explorative. People working in an alliance are described in many ways, but do alliance projects need different characteristics than construction projects in general? 

As with other project models, alliance projects need strong professionals with the necessary competence for the task. No two alliance experts are cut from the same cloth.

"You hear people classified as alliance people and non-alliance people. Alliance construction is still quite similar to other implementations," Anne Piiparinen, the Head of YIT's Infrastructure construction division.

According to Piiparinen, leading by shouting or overriding other people's opinions do not belong to an alliance or any project model. Instead, he emphasises the ability to listen to others' points of view, justify one's own ideas, and find the best solution for the project, rather than doing things as usual, "just because this is how we have always done things". It is also an important skill to be able to reflect on what you and your team are doing, learn from it and improve your performance.

“Diversity in an alliance is an asset. When sparring with teams, I have said that you don't need to change yourself into a different person; you can be yourself and reflect on your own work. However, you must remember to behave appropriately, listen and be active in finding a solution," says Piiparinen.

Cooperation skills are most important 

Alliances are criticised for emphasising discussions too much. However, discussion and cooperation skills play a key role in the alliance. When everyone comes from different companies and corporate cultures, through interaction, you get to know each other, build trust between the parties, and determine a common way to work. 

According to Markus Kaustinen, regional Project Manager of YIT Kokkola and Project Manager of the Bothnia High5 project, the alliance is a new, cooperative project model in the Ostrobothnia region.

"The first things you hear about the model are cooperation and the desire to work together. When professionals in their respective fields discuss around one table, it is possible to come up with ideas and develop significant things. Then know-how can be shared, and the end-result can be new innovations and wise, cost-effective solutions," says Kaustinen.

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