PRESS RELEASE October 13, 2010 at 10:45

 YIT'S ENERGYGENIUS OFFICE BUILDING AVIA LINE II TO BE BUILT IN VANTAA, HELSINKI  REGION                                                                          

YIT is building a package of four office buildings in the Aviapolis area of Vantaa, in the Helsinki region. The first stage, Avia Line I, has already been completed. The under-construction Avia Line II will embody YIT's energy-efficient office construction technology and it will be completed in February 2011 to be at the disposal of Philips Oy and Geotrim Oy. The said office real estate comprises 3,000 sq. m. and it is owned by IVG Institutional Funds. The building of Avia Line III will be launched in early 2011, also in the vein of YIT's energy-efficient office building technology.

Avia Line II is an example of YIT's EnergyGenius office building technology where energy consumption is 25% below the requirements of current building regulations. When planning this building, due attention has been paid to creating energy efficient structures and solutions. The air-tightness of the building has been improved and the windows have been protected with a membrane providing protection from sunlight. Savings in the future maintenance costs of the building will be gained through the selection of the building's technical systems and machinery. Avia Line II's heat recovery solutions enable an efficiency ratio in excess of 70%. Also, the energy values of ventilation machinery have been lowered.

Avia Line II's energy consumption solutions achieve Green Building status

EnergyGenius Avia Line II has been accepted into the GreenBuilding Programme. An office building that has been granted the GreenBuilding status is characterised by energy consumption that is at least 25% below the level stipulated by the building regulations in effect in the year during which the building was constructed. The purpose of the GreenBuilding Programme launched by the European Commission in 2005 is to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and office buildings within the EU.

YIT is engaged in the development and implementing of EnergyGenius homes, office buildings, industrial and infrastructure solutions and services.

Additional information Timo Immonen, Project Manager, YIT Toimitilat, tel. 0400 502 649. Tommi Kokkonen, Development Manager, YIT Toimitilat, tel. 0400 609 806.


Virva Salmivaara Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

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