YIT Workery + nominated for the Smart Building Global Award

YIT WorkeryPlus
YIT WorkeryPlus

The Workery + business premises of YIT, opening their doors in Vallila in May, use innovative and intelligent real estate technology. Workery+ has been nominated for the Smart Building Global Award to be awarded in the international Real Estate Futureproof event, organised online between May 18 and 20.

The Workery+ business premises are YIT’s response to the changing needs of businesses, offering innovative commercial properties combined with remote workstations. The concept promotes better working conditions through flexibility, comfort and hotel-level services. 

“The premises use innovative real estate technology applications based on a standardised data processing method developed as a result of Nordic cooperation. In addition to the traditional data collected at the premises, various sensors gather information on people’s movements and routes in the offices, for example, or on the number of visitors in the conference rooms. The Workery+ premises also use an application for reserving a workstation or a conference room or opening doors according to each user’s access rights,” says Project Director Tom Lindholm from YIT.  

YIT has been involved in the KEKO ecosystem, a cooperation with KONE, Nokia, Caverion, Halton and Netox, for a year and a half. The KEKO ecosystem aims to improve the comfort, productivity and eco-friendliness of real estate by adapting the data from all of the technical systems in the built-up environment onto a shared platform.

"We were involved in promoting the global Real Estate CORE (REC) standard that was implemented on the Microsoft Azure Digital Twin platform. The standard works as a foundation on which the various partners in the value chain can exchange information concerning the building in a standardised manner. Several start-ups were also involved in building services for this platform,” says Tom Lindholm. 

“The results of the cooperation with the partners and the experiences are used in our Workery+ business premises in Vallila where we put the solutions to practice. This ensures an excellent customer experience and makes it easier to manage the entire building while saving energy and maintenance costs,” says Juho Siitonen, VP, Development at YIT.

The new operating environment has challenged YIT to develop the Workery+ business premises concept and become a service provider. In the concept, companies contract the workspaces for the desired number of employees and pay for the space according to use.

YIT’s acquisition of the Finnish operations of UMA Workspace in April meant expanding the Workery+ concept even before the first Workery+ building opened to customers. UMA Workspace will boost the Workery+ concept, offering customers the chance to work flexibly in a location best suited for their needs at that time. 

“Three sets of business premises with excellent locations will supplement the Workery+ concept that will be implemented in Vallila this spring. We are eager to combine a superb service concept and state-of-the-art technology into a world-class customer experience,” says VP Anders Stenbäck from YIT.



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Juho Siitonen, VP, Development, YIT Finland Ltd, tel. +358 (0)40 647 4523, juho.siitonen@yit.fi
Tom Lindholm, Project Director, KEKO ecosystem, tel. 358 (0)50 0474746, ext-tom.lindholm@yit.fi 
Heidi Kauppinen, Communications Manager, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 574 3170, heidi.kauppinen@yit.fi

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