YIT to launch construction of the Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli block next spring

YIT Järvenpään Bulevardikortteli
YIT Järvenpään Bulevardikortteli

The new central block will launch the renewal of Järvenpää’s city centre by combining high-quality living, services and office spaces.

The construction of the Bulevardikortteli block in Järvenpää’s city centre close to the train station will start in the spring 2021. The block, previously know as Osuuskauppa Perhelä, is a priority project in Järvenpää and plays a significant role in the development of the entire city centre area. Project planning has a long history behind it, and the construction of the hybrid block to be launched aims at renewing and enlivening the centre of Järvenpää and taking pedestrian street services to a new level. The location of the new central block could not be better: along the Janne pedestrian street, within a short walking distance of the railway station and Tuusulanjärvi Beach Park. The Bulevardikortteli block will be a modern and urban combination of high-quality living, office spaces by the station, services making life easier, entertainment and meeting places for all the city’s residents.

 “The block consists of three residential buildings with a total of more than 300 apartments. The apartment complex includes a 20-storey tower building of apartments – the landmark in the area – as well as two smaller apartment buildings. There are approximately 7,000 floor square metres of office space and a total of approximately 6,000 floor square metres of commercial premises. The buildings are connected by a beautiful yard deck and a parking garage for approximately 85 cars will be constructed under the block. The total floor area of the block is 30,500 m2,” says Tero Karislahti Vice President at YIT.

Timo Meuronen from Aihio Arkkitehdit, who was responsible for the block’s architectural design, envisions that the Bulevardikortteli block will be a central and visible part of the city centre that will combine the history of this borough with the future of Järvenpää.

“Although the buildings are tall, the block’s podium dominates the pedestrians’ scale with the functionalist style of the old Osuuskauppa. Both the environment and history have also been taken into account in the design,” says Timo Meuronen.

In the apartment planning and massing of the buildings, special attention has been paid to natural light. The yard deck with its beautiful plantings and common area create greenness and comfort in the middle of the buildings.

The City of Järvenpää has high expectations for the project.

“The impacts of COVID-19 have challenged cities to develop their city centres on a new basis. The block that serves as the residents’ meeting place and provides all the city services is an good example of this. This is a great starting point for the renewal of the city centre, in which we will all participate,” says Olli Naukkarinen, Mayor, City of Järvenpää.

“I have been delighted to see how the project has progressed so far. The fresh and brisk image of the project reflects the future central block of Järvenpää well. The block’s high-quality services and public spaces as well as modern housing will take the operating environment in the city centre of Järvenpää to a new level,” says Olli Keto-Tokoi, Director of Economic Affairs in Järvenpää.

The construction of Bulevardikortteli will begin in the spring 2021, and will be completed in phases. Residents will move into the first apartments in the autumn 2022, and the entire block is estimated to be completed in 2025.

For further information, please contact:

Tero Karislahti, Vice President, Housing, Uusimaa and Häme, YIT Finland, tel. +358 (0)40 843 9895, tero.karislahti @yit.fi

Marko Oinas, acting EVP, Housing Finland and CEE, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 506 7430, marko.oinas@yit.fi

Martina Jerima, Project Development Manager, City of Järvenpää, tel. +358 (0)40 315 2282, martina.jerima@jarvenpaa.fi

Heidi Kauppinen, Communications Manager, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 574 3170, heidi.kauppinen@yit.fi

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