YIT to build two residential apartment buildings for A-Kruunu in Niemenranta, Tampere

YIT Corporation Press Release 20 December 2023 at 8:30 a.m.

YIT A-Kruunu
YIT A-Kruunu

YIT has signed an agreement with A-Kruunu Oy for the construction in Niemenranta, Tampere of two residential apartment buildings, Asunto Oy Tampereen Valonkajo and Asunto Oy Tampereen Satamanvartija. A-Kruunu is a special assignment company that commissions the construction of affordable rental apartments. The value of the contract for YIT is approximately EUR 11 million, and it will be recorded in the order book for the last quarter of the year.

The ARA-funded projects have a combined floor area of approximately 3,100 square metres, and a total of 46 homes in the housing companies is being built to energy class A standard. Solar panels will be installed in the properties, and only renewably generated electricity will be used on site during the construction process. Construction will commence in the second quarter of 2024, and the homes are due for completion in the spring of 2025.

"We are delighted to be able to build a project in a location where our customers' daily lives are going smoothly, and which meets our strategic objectives. In our experience, YIT's construction projects are both well-managed and of high quality," says Jouni Isomöttönen, Construction Director at A-Kruunu.

“It is a pleasure to continue our long-standing and constructive collaboration with A-Kruunu – and in Tampere’s Niemenranta district now as well. The attractiveness of Niemenranta as a residential area has remained consistently high despite the economic fluctuations. The parks and other green areas in Niemenranta are largely in use already, and have gained popularity among the area’s residents. The services in the area have also improved with the opening of a new supermarket and daycare centre. Tram traffic will commence in the area at the beginning of 2025, enabling residents to move around conveniently and independently of cars. Our goal is to build sustainable living environments and products, and to reduce emissions both in our own operations and in the value chain. By building an energy class A property with solar collectors, we reduce emissions in the value chain in terms of energy consumption of the finished property,” says Sami Viitanen, YIT’s Vice President of Housing and business premises for the Pirkanmaa region.

The project will be completed along ideal public transport links, as the distance to the new tram line stop will be approximately 200 metres. The tram connection is scheduled for completion in 2025. A communal courtyard will be constructed for the use of four housing companies in the block, and the parking spaces for the housing companies will be located in a separate shared parking facility.

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