YIT to build Tervakoski school in Janakkala

YIT Corporation Press release 5 May 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Tervakoski school.
Tervakoski school.

The municipality of Janakkala has chosen YIT to build the new school and multipurpose centre in Tervakoski. The total value of the contract is approximately EUR 17 million, and it will be entered in the order book for the second quarter of the year.


The first phase will consist of building new premises for the secondary school and upper secondary school in the Tervakoski school and multipurpose centre. The facilities will in the first phase serve approximately 280 pupils and 75 staff members. The property’s area is approximately 5,400 gross square metres.


The construction will begin in the summer of 2023, and the aim is that users have access to the new facilities in the summer of 2025. The project will be implemented as a turnkey contract through a competitive negotiation procedure.


For further information:

Kari Löytynoja, Vice President, Business Premises, Häme and Southeast Finland, YIT, tel. +358 (0)50 572 5209, kari.loytynoja@yit.fi

Pirita Tiusanen, Communications Manager, YIT, tel. +358 (0)44 240 9822, pirita.tiusanen@yit.fi

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