PRESS RELEASE September 30, 2010 at 9:00 am

YIT SIGNED A SIGNIFICANT SERVICE AGREEMENT ON THE PRODUCTION OF COOLING          ENERGY WITH OUTOKUMPU                                                           

YIT Industrial Services will realise an energy-saving project at Outokumpu's steel mill in Tornio, Finland; the scale of the project is extremely large in the country. In the project, YIT will replace the Tornio cold rolling mill's existing system of 50 separate cooling compressors with a new cooling system based on absorption technology. The energy efficiency project will result in annual savings of 11 GWh of electricity. The reduction in CO2 emissions is 6,700 tonnes.

In absorption technology, district heat produced from process lost heat is utilised in producing cooling energy. YIT's and Outokumpu's project is the first industrial application based on this technology in Finland. Previously, YIT has realised projects for the recovery of process waste heat at the Tornio mill, and the operating energy of these processes can be used in the new project.

"The recovery of process waste heat generated in industry makes is possible to produce affordable cooling energy. These opportunities are plentiful in the Finnish industry. State energy subsidies are significant in terms of the profitability of the investment," Seppo Hyppönen, unit manager at YIT, reports.

The agreement between YIT and Outokumpu represents a new kind of a service concept for industry, in which the agreement also includes future operation and maintenance of the plant in addition to ESCO service. YIT will build the new cooling centre with pipelines and distribution equipment and take care of the plant's operation and maintenance for seven years.

"This project is truly significant in terms of saving energy. The availability of a central cooling system is high, and it is also a very cost-efficient solution," Hannu Hautala, SVP of Tornio Works says.

The new cooling system will be commissioned at the Tornio mill towards the end of 2011.

YIT is the leading provider of industrial energy efficiency projects in Finland.

For additional information, please contact: YIT Industrial and Network Services, Business unit manager Seppo Hyppönen, tel. +358 400 702 797 YIT Industrial and Network Services, project manager Eero Siitonen, tel. +358 400 423 504 Outokumpu Tornio Works, SVP Hannu Hautala, tel. +358 40 712 2432


Virva Salmivaara Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

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