YIT signed a contract agreement for the expansion and spatial reorganisation of Kannisto school in Vantaa

YIT Corporation Press Release 9 August 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

YIT has signed an agreement with the City of Vantaa on the implementation of the Kannisto school expansion and spatial reorganisation. The value of the agreement is approximately EUR 19 million. 

The project will be implemented as a turnkey contract. The space and facade solutions have already been planned and decided in the client’s project planning phase. The planning of the implementation phase of Kannisto school will begin in August, and according to a preliminary estimate, the construction will begin in November 2023. The expansion is estimated to be completed in spring 2025, and the modifications to the current school in autumn 2025. 

“We are happy to start implementing the project in Vantaa, where it will be possible to utilise YIT’s knowledge and technical solutions proven in YIT’s various school projects”, said Timo Kuorikoski, Construction Manager, YIT.

The number of children of basic education age is growing in the Kivistö area, and the school will be expanded to respond to this, particularly to provide facilities for children in lower secondary education. The expansion has been designed to accommodate a total of 580 pupils. The school’s youth facilities will additionally be transformed into teaching facilities for disabled children for three groups.

“Kannisto school is an integral part of the comprehensive school network of the growing Kivistö area and will offer facilities for a total of almost 990 pupils when the expansion is completed. It is great that we can expand and make the necessary spatial reorganisation for a reforming comprehensive school, whose operating culture includes among its essential parts versatility and the opportunities offered by new learning environments” said Director Pekka Wallenius, City of Vantaa.

Further information:
Mira Alatalo, Vice President, Business Premises, YIT, tel. +358 40 511 8959, mira.alatalo@yit.fi
Pekka Wallenius, Director of Real Estate Centre, City of Vantaa, tel. +358 40 749 2592, pekka.wallenius@vantaa.fi
Kristina Broman, Communications Manager, YIT, tel. +358 40 840 3166, kristina.broman@yit.fi


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