YIT recognised as the ideal construction industry employer for engineering students for the fourth consecutive year

YIT Corporation Press release 3 June 2022 at 08:15 a.m. 

YIT Student survey
YIT Student survey

Engineering students have ranked YIT as the most ideal construction industry employer in Universum’s Student Survey for the fourth consecutive time. On the ranking list of ideal technology industry employers, YIT reached 4th place, which is the highest ranking the company has ever achieved. YIT will provide summer jobs and internships for about 530 young people in Finland this year.

Engineering students ranked YIT as the most ideal construction industry employer in Universum’s Student Survey 2022, for the fourth consecutive year. A total of 2,770 engineering students responded to the survey. YIT has also been ranked as the ideal construction industry employer among highly educated professionals in Universum’s Professionals Survey for two consecutive years.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in our YIT Path training programme for over a decade now. Our training programme provides a goal-driven path to a professional career especially for construction industry students, but also for young people from other academic backgrounds, who again represent nearly 30% of our trainees this year. We are also pleased to note that 20% of our trainees are women, even though women only account for 10% of the people employed in the construction industry,” says Katja Ahlstedt, Executive Vice President, Human Resources at YIT Group.

After the summer season last year, 47% of our trainees were offered either the opportunity to return this summer, work on an hourly basis during the school year, or permanent employment at YIT after graduation. 

A safe environment for trainees

Of those who completed our trainee feedback survey last summer, 99% indicated that they wish to work at YIT in the future and were willing to recommend YIT as an employer to their acquaintances. In spite of the challenges in the operating environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, 98% of the respondents felt that their work environment was safe. 

“It is essential for us to provide young people with a safe training environment and workplace community, both from the occupational safety perspective and with regard to the health security considerations created by the pandemic. A strong safety culture is one of the cornerstones of our operations. We want all of our summer trainees to understand the significance of prioritising not only their own safety but also the safety of their colleagues,” Ahlstedt adds.  

Taking on responsibility with the support of experienced tutors

Summer trainees at YIT take on increasing responsibilities as their studies progress. When they graduate, they are already capable young professionals with practical experience and the ability to take on challenging duties. Theory-oriented studies need to be complemented by plenty of practical training and effective induction training as well as supervision and guidance. 

“Young people play important roles at our construction sites and they are genuinely part of our team. Those who are further along in their studies can take on challenging responsibilities in their summer jobs. They are never left to face these challenges alone. There is always someone at the construction site or in the workplace community whom they can turn to for advice and support. Teamwork and helping co-workers are integral aspects of YIT’s culture,” says Production Manager Tapio Koivusaari from YIT’s Housing business.

For several years now, he has worked in various roles to create successful trainee experiences.  
In our trainee feedback survey, 95% of the respondents said they enjoyed their work and felt like they were part of the team, and 88% felt that their contribution was valued. 

“We aim to continuously improve our operating practices with regard to trainees. Last summer, we focused particularly on the quality of induction training and safety, and the results of these efforts were reflected in improved feedback. This summer, we want to provide our young trainees with even clearer learning objectives and ensure that everyone has a designated tutor at the construction site for the summer,” Ahlstedt concludes.  

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Katja Ahlstedt, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 40 522 8493, katja.ahlstedt@yit.fi
Thomas Finell, Talent Acquisition Partner, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 45 164 3844, Thomas.finell@yit.fi

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