YIT received the highest score for customer satisfaction in new residential construction yet again

YIT Corporation Press release March 21, 2022, at 6:15 a.m.

YIT’s customer satisfaction is the highest in the construction industry.
YIT’s customer satisfaction is the highest in the construction industry.

YIT’s customer satisfaction (78.1) is the highest in the construction industry. The difference to the industry average (76.4) is nearly two index points. 

The results are from EPSI Rating’s Uudisasuntorakentaminen 2021 (Construction of new residential units) survey* that the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and its largest members carry out annually. The survey measures how satisfied home buyers are with construction companies. The results are measured on an index of 0–100, where 75 is a very good level. YIT has now been ranked in the top three for five years in a row.

YIT’s results are higher than the industry average in all of the various categories of the survey: image 81.7 (industry: 79.5), expectations 83.3 (82.7), product quality 80.9 (80.1), service quality 82.3 (80.3), getting one’s money’s worth 80.5 (80.3) and customer loyalty 81.1 (78.9). Out of all the different areas of customer satisfaction, YIT stands out most in terms of image and service quality when compared to other leading companies.

“Our customers' experience of YIT as a reliable company that takes care of its customers combined with great feedback from both product and service quality components once again demonstrates our wide-ranging success. All our people deserve the credit for this,” says Pekka Helin, Senior Vice President, Head of Customerships and Living Services, YIT.

According to a study, the most important factors when buying a new apartment are the location of the apartment, the functionality of the floor plan, the price of the apartment, the equipment level and the selected materials. Environmental friendliness is not able to challenge the most important factors, but on the other hand its importance exceeds, for example, that of smart home features and accessibility.

According to the results of general public surveys, consumers are increasingly willing to buy a new apartment from construction companies. Although the pandemic has affected the economy extensively, as many as 58% of consumers say they could consider buying a new apartment in the future. This share is six percentage points higher than the previous year.

The confidence of home buyers in the sector is about 13 index points higher than the confidence of the general public, and the confidence of home buyers in the construction company that built the apartment they bought is about 10 index points higher than the confidence of home buyers in the construction industry.

“In short, the ‘closer’ the respondent is to the construction company, the greater the trust,” says Heidi Laitinen, Country Manager at EPSI Rating Finland. “Handing over the apartment clearly unfinished or very much late are the biggest pitfalls of customer satisfaction. In this sense, the foundation for a successful handover process is created long before the actual keys to the apartment are given to the customer. It is gratifying to see that such a large share of customers have been satisfied again.” 

In recent years, and particularly during the pandemic, YIT has invested in developing online services for customers. At the moment, buying a YIT Home is possible practically from your own couch and the YIT Plus service allows you to select materials and monitor the completion of the apartment. YIT is constantly exploring alternative solutions for materials, energy and production in order to operate in an increasingly responsible manner.

*EPSI Rating’s annual business segment survey for new residential construction examines customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as the impact of various issues on customer experience in the construction industry. Customer satisfaction in new residential construction reached 76.4 index points. The results that are published now reflect customers who received a new home in 2021. The results are based on phone interviews with consumers who bought an apartment. The survey was done for the first time in 2017, when the survey concerned apartments handed over in 2016.

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