YIT once again ranked the most ideal employer in the construction industry

YIT CORPORATION Press release, October 25, 2017, 08:00 a.m.

Ammattilaiset YIT
Ammattilaiset YIT

In the 2010s, Universum’s Professionals Survey has ranked YIT the most ideal employer in the construction industry seven times.

YIT once again came out on top in Universum’s 2017 Professionals Survey in the field of construction as voted by university-educated professionals. 

YIT has dominated the rankings of ideal employers in the construction industry throughout the 2010s, with the exception of one second-place ranking in 2014. 

“The corporate culture at YIT has always been extremely positive towards development and people. In recent years, we have particularly invested in openness and our ways of making our people feel involved. When we genuinely work together, we can laugh, get inspired, share our knowledge and encourage each other to try new things. Without trust, appreciation of people’s differences and a positive mindset, it is hard to systematically achieve great results. Our trainees have also noticed our positive culture. In last summer’s survey, 99% of them wanted to continue working with us in the future,” says Pii Raulo, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at YIT Group. 

Efficient induction and mentoring to support growth 

This year has included fervent construction. Regardless of this, the number of YIT employees increased by more than 30% at the beginning of the year. In addition, nearly 700 trainees have been hired over the past year. 

The rate of growth requires not only excellent induction but also the systematic development of the personnel and transferring experience to the newcomers. For example, over the past year, we have piloted an electronic preliminary induction programme to guide new employees regarding the shared practices. YIT also has a comprehensive selection of coaching programmes related to customers, project management and managerial work. 

The so-called tacit knowledge, experiences and smart practices of the veteran employees are shared with a mentoring programme across the borders of business operations and job descriptions. Working in pairs also provides the more experienced employee with great insight and tips related to, for example, digital tools. Over the past couple of years, nearly 100 YIT employees have been involved in the mentoring programme.  

Proactive work capacity management has reduced absences due to sickness 

At YIT, the employees’ well-being and energy at work is supported by means of open communication and working together, as well as job rotation, various programmes for coaching and well-being at work, flexible working hours, opportunities for remote work and team days. 

For several years, YIT has invested in the prevention of diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system common in the construction industry by increasing the employees’ awareness of preventive and ergonomic working methods and by organising exercise supporting the physical functionality of risk groups. Absences due to diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system have dropped by two days per person at an annual level.  

From business students to diverse professionals of the construction industry 

In the future, the construction industry will need new, skilled workers from various educational backgrounds. YIT is responding to this need with actions such as the new YIT Studies for Business Students programme, a co-operation with Haaga-Helia and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences, in which the second and third-year students of said educational institutions are offered a five-credit advanced study module and the opportunity to increase their skills at a work site. 

“Business students have various strengths that can be utilised in our projects: IT, language and communication skills as well as knowledge of finances, sales and marketing. Therefore, we are now committed to finding a model to bring in people from new industries as well as skilled workers of the future to both our sites and the entire construction industry”, says Raulo. 

The YIT Studies programme, developed six years ago for the construction industry, now spans seven universities of applied sciences and one university. More than 150 students have already completed the YIT Studies programme. 

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