YIT offers its residents a more extensive housing service solution in co-operation with its partners

YIT Corporation Press release, March 1, 2018, at 09:00 a.m.

Kotipalvelu YIT
Kotipalvelu YIT

YIT Home residents receive a growing number of services that create comfortable housing and increase safety through a digital YIT Plus channel.

The services—such as cleaning, window washing, clothing care and home help—are produced by strong local partners who have good customer experience and who believe that continuous development is important. 

“According to our Heimo research, people increasingly appreciate ease and convenience of living, so the factors that make everyday life as smooth as possible are important to us. Interest in services has clearly increased. Services desired by people of all ages are, for example, cleaning, renovation and repair services. Older target groups are interested also in services related to healthcare,” explains Pekka Helin, Senior Vice President, Director of the Living Services development programme at YIT.

The services provided for the residents of YIT Home are planned according to the area.

“We constantly listen to our customers during service development and we focus on ensuring that the services are clear and easily accessed. Customers may choose the services according to their needs,” says Helin, describing YIT’s objectives.

A more extensive range of services will be piloted this spring in Konepaja, Vallila, at As. Oy Helsingin Ragnar, which will be completed at the end of March. Toimiva Koti, which offers a wide range of different home services, was chosen as the partner for the pilot.

“The goal of our co-operation is to make everyday life services available to all of our residents, creating a safety net for all the residents of the block. Toimiva Koti’s familiar and safe home helps and professional care teams care for and help both busy families as well as seniors who need support. We look forward to the possibility of piloting this service concept in co-operation with YIT. We want to offer a five-star service culture in living—with an ‘everything is possible’ attitude,” says CEO of Toimiva Koti Terhi Kotkansalo.

The service offering will be developed further with the experiences gained from the pilot. The offering will be launched in stages to other YIT Home residents in different parts of Finland. 

*YIT conducted an interview survey in 2013 to assess respondents’ motivations related to housing. The survey divided respondents into four main groups, or tribes (Nature, Community, Value and Pit Stop). The survey was conducted again in spring 2017. 

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