YIT launches co-operation with educational institution Haaga-Helia

YIT CORPORATION Press release, October 9, 2017, 14:00

Tradenomi YIT
Tradenomi YIT

Business students are offered the opportunity to apply and increase their expertise in the construction industry.

Today, YIT and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences signed an agreement regarding an educational co-operation programme entitled “YIT Opinnot Tradenomi” (‘YIT Studies for Business Students’).

YIT offers third-year business students majoring in finance and IT at Haaga-Helia and Metropolia a five-credit advanced study module. During this time, students can apply the knowledge gained through their studies in a practical setting. About 15 students are selected for the programme. This expands YIT’s existing co-operation with Metropolia.

Investing in the youth and active co-operation with educational institutions has been a strategic choice of YIT for years. The YIT Studies for Business Students is a continuation of the YIT Studies programme, developed six years ago in co-operation with Häme and Tampere Universities of Applied Sciences to supplement the students’ theoretical studies. Now, the programme involves seven universities of applied sciences and one university. More than 150 students have already completed the YIT Studies programme.

Work experience makes the studies more tangible and may even provide the direction for a person’s career. Business students have various skills that are useful around a work site: competence with IT, language and communication skills and knowledge about the world of finance.

“People from different educational backgrounds are needed at work sites. Therefore, we are now committed to finding a model to develop the implementation of our projects by bringing in people from new industries as well as skilled workers of the future to both our sites and the entire construction industry”, says Pii Raulo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at YIT.

“YIT Studies offers students a unique opportunity to combine work and studies. The close co-operation supports the professional development of the students and enables the natural interweaving between theoretical information and practical work tasks,” says Alisa Pettersson, Study Coordinator at Haaga-Helia.

Systematic investment in co-operation with educational institutions and the successful completion of traineeships is evident in, for example, the fact that Universum’s Student surveys have ranked YIT as the number one ideal employer in the construction industry for nearly the entire 2010s. This year, YIT provided a trainee position or a summer job for about 700 youths. The number of applicants to these tasks increased by 30% from the previous year.

For further information, please contact:

Pii Raulo, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 572 3568, pii.raulo@yit.fi

Alisa Pettersson, Study Coordinator, Haaga-Helia, tel. +358 (0)40 488 7287, alisa.pettersson@haaga-helia.fi

Hanna Malmivaara, Vice President, Communications, YIT Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 561 6568, hanna.malmivaara@yit.fi

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