YIT is renewing its working methods - a flexible working model is created by experimenting and listening to the personnel

YIT Corporation Press Release June 16, 2021 at 08:00 a.m.


YIT is considering a hybrid work model for its white-collar employees, which will become topical with the lifting of pandemic restrictions. Instead of pre-agreed strict guidelines, YIT's goal is to give teams and individuals the greatest possible freedom and power to decide on their own working methods within the common remote working framework. 

The starting point for the autumn experiments is that the ratio of remote work and office work is about 50-50. This thinking is supported by surveys conducted both within the company and elsewhere. The new working model is framed by the common principles of remote working, which also take into account the importance of encounters. Practical matters, policies, and best practices, on the other hand, will be discussed and agreed in teams under the leadership of supervisors in August, depending on the pandemic situation. The discussions in the teams will be supported by surveys that have already been conducted on a regular basis during the pandemic and will also be carried out when remote working recommendations are lifted. YIT also encourages its customers to actively involve their personnel in the planning of hybrid work.
In hybrid work, YIT pays special attention to tasks that require encounters and that encounters between teams are also ensured, e.g. through coordinated calendar management. 

“Encounters nurture well-being, energize and bind people together. Face-to-face interaction is effective in many ways. Information I didn’t even plan to need or share flows through the encounters. In hybrid work, it’s also important to selflessly consider who needs me and not just who I need in my job. A framework must also be created for spontaneous interaction. With small practical arrangements, such as agreed attendance days, we are now together looking for a functional hybrid work life,” says Pii Raulo, YIT's Executive Vice President, Human Resources.

Returning to the office for hybrid-style work also creates new needs for workspaces. The demand for flexibility is growing, premises are required to have more diverse functionalities and they should also attract employees back to the office. One solution to the changed need for business premises is YIT's new Workery+ office concept, which has also been tested by YIT's own personnel. 

In the autumn, YIT will modify its own office space on a small scale according to the acute needs of the teams. The company will prepare for changes in the work environment during 2022 as working models become clearer. The changes are based on personnel surveys, participatory workshops and various experiments in hybrid work, the results of which YIT also offers for the use of its customer organisations.

More information: 
Pii Raulo, EVP, Human Resources, YIT Corporation, tel. 040 572 3568, pii.raulo@yit.fi
Iida Lähdemäki, Director, Customer Relations, YIT Finland Oy, tel. 050 537 9406, iida.lahdemaki@yit.fi
Hanna Malmivaara, SVP, Communications, YIT Corporation, tel. 040 561 6568, hanna.malmivaara@yit.fi

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