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In December of 2007, YIT and Finnair Facilities Management concluded a four-year energy management contract with the purpose of improving the energy efficiency of Finnair's properties. This contract covers over 200,000 sq. m of building floor space. The contract is part of the property and facilities management service agreement concluded earlier by Finnair and YIT, whereby YIT was allocated overall responsibility for the maintenance and management of Finnair's properties.

Following the detailed examination and assessment of the buildings' automation systems, the drawing up of energy consumption reports, and the optimisation of the indoor temperatures in the buildings, Finnair has achieved savings in energy consumption. Moreover, control mode changes by means of motion detectors, especially in regard to lighting, have been proposed and implemented.

Hangar no. 7 is the subject of a separate, on-going development project looking into energy-saving investment possibilities. This is the single biggest building included in the energy-management contract. Finnair Facilities Management and YIT have together instructed and guided the users of Finnair's buildings and facilities in adopting more energy-efficient practices regarding the use of the premises, and the expertise of YIT's own service staff has been developed with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of the properties. In addition, energy reviews are being conducted of properties for which there are believed to be possibilities for improvement.

All of the energy-efficient solutions implemented on the properties are based on measurements and monitoring. The energy-management contract is such that the properties have been connected to a control room, thus enabling real-time monitoring. This long-term service contract enables the customer to set energy-efficiency targets. The cost estimates and savings calculations as well as the simulation of energy consumption and savings potential are being carried out using state-of-the-art simulation models. The energy-management agreement concluded between YIT and Finnair is such that the costs of the services will be paid for by the savings achieved.

Finnair's energy savings in 2008 when compared to the consumption in 2007 Heat, savings 5.0% Electricity, savings 3.6% Water, savings 4.4%

Finnair's energy savings in 2009 when compared to the consumption in 2007 Heat, savings 0.5% Electricity, savings 5.3% Water, savings 3.2%

YIT develops and creates EnergyGenius solutions and services for homes and business premises as well as for industry and infrastructure.

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Additional information Juha Juutinen, Unit Manager, tel. +358 40 828 4072, YIT Building Systems Ltd. Olavi Haapanen, Assistant Manager, tel. + 358 400 405 656, Finnair Facilities Management Oy


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