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YIT Construction Ltd has signed a contract with Kesko, according to which YIT will create new space for the K-citymarket in the new shopping mall in the centre of Hyvinkää, Finland. The construction of the 27,000 m² mall has already begun, and it is due to open in March 2012. The construction of the K-citymarket also launches the construction of the Hyvinkää commercial and service centre.

- We want commercial services to be in the centre of the city, where the people are. This new commercial centre and its services will revitalise the centre of Hyvinkää. It's about time that the people of Hyvinkää get a K-citymarket that meets the demands of today's customers, says Kesko's District Director Timo Huurtola.

The shopping mall project will be enacted in stages. In addition to K-citymarket, the first stage will also cover other business premises, for which several companies have already made reservations. Anttila, Seppälä, Lindex, name it, VILA, VERO MODA, JACK & JONES, ONLY, Moda Laakso and Instrumentarium, among others, have reserved store premises for themselves, and negotiations are currently being held with several other businesses. The shopping mall will also have office space.

A vital project for Hyvinkää's urban development From the City of Hyvinkää's standpoint, the YIT venture is part of the general Keko commercial centre project, which will be completed in 2013. The city's commercial construction guideline will be enacted in its entirety, in which commercial activities will be located in the growing and dynamic city centre.

- With this project YIT can support the Ministry of the Environment's recent urban centre development and revitalisation theme, says Unit Manager Hannu Lokka of YIT Construction Ltd.

The nascent shopping mall can be easily reached by either light traffic or public transportation. This way concentrated services lessen the need and environmental effects of car traffic. The project as a whole will strengthen Hyvinkää's position as the commercial hub of the Northern Uusimaa economic region.

- By laying down the foundations for diverse and specialised commerce and by increasing the variety of services for the people we will restore Hyvinkää's purchasing power. This way we can also create new jobs in the service sector and decrease youth unemployment in particular, says Mayor Raimo Lahti of Hyvinkää.

Additional information: Hannu Lokka, Unit Manager, YIT Construction Ltd, tel. +358 400 454 342, hannu.lokka@yit.fi Timo Lehmus, Senior Vice President, Business Premises, YIT Construction Ltd, tel. +358 400 409 181, timo.lehmus@yit.fi

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