YIT becomes a service operator for business premises

YIT WorkeryPlus
YIT WorkeryPlus

The first Workery+ will open in Vallila in the spring with the aim of creating a network of business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The new situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted companies to consider how the ways of working will be reshaped once the worst is over. Can any company predict how much space they need now that remote working is here to stay?

YIT is introducing a new concept called Workery+ to the business premises market, combining best practices from both traditional office rental and coworking spaces.

“Our first location in Vallila, Helsinki, at Sturenkatu 16, is a multi-user environment from which the company can rent either offices for their own use or just workstations in an open office space with a flexible agreement. Combining one's own office space and shared resources, such as workstations and project rooms, brings the necessary flexibility to companies,” says VP Anders Stenbäck from YIT’S services development unit.

The company contracts the workspaces for the desired number of employees and pays for the space according to use. For an additional fee, you can purchase services, such as renting a studio with professional equipment for webcasts or online training.

Workery+ is flexible and scalable and can grow to 17,000 m2 on the Vallila premises. In addition to workstations, the pilot site will offer conference facilities, a café-restaurant and a premium gym investing in well-being at work. Spatial planning has taken health and safety into account; for example, adequate space, ergonomic furniture and hand disinfection points. A high level of hygiene is also maintained with touchless and automatic taps, handles and light switches. Efficient and high-quality air purifiers clean the indoor air of viruses and bacteria.

Those working on the premises use a mobile app that has many functions: it can be used as an access pass and with it you can book a workstation or conference room from the shared premises.

“We have combined all the key elements for the future of the work into this concept. Flexibility, community and well-being are currently on the list of issues to be addressed in every company. Together, all the Workery+ solutions form a seamless customer experience in the production of which we want to act as a service operator. Innovative facilities are a key part of job satisfaction,” concludes Anders Stenbäck.

As a follow-up to the Vallila pilot, YIT plans to open other Workery+ premises with a similar concept in the next few years.


For further information, please contact:
Anders Stenbäck, VP, Partnership Properties segment, Offering and Services development unit, tel. +358 (0) 50 548 2234, anders.stenback@yit.fi
Heidi Kauppinen, Communications Manager, tel. +358 (0) 40 574 3170, heidi.kauppinen@yit.fi

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