YIT again ranked as the most attractive construction industry employer among engineering professionals

YIT Corporation Press release 28 October 2021 at 14:00 p.m.

YIT continues to be the most attractive employer for both university-educated professionals and students in the construction industry
YIT continues to be the most attractive employer for both university-educated professionals and students in the construction industry

Professionals in the field of engineering ranked YIT as the most attractive employer in the construction industry in the Universum Professionals Survey for the second consecutive year. According to the Universum Student Survey published in May, YIT was the most attractive employer in the construction industry for the third consecutive year. 

YIT continues to be the most attractive employer for both university-educated professionals and students in the construction industry. In the ranking of most attractive employers for professionals in the entire engineering field, YIT briskly rose to 11th place. According to the reader's panel of the construction industry publication Rakennuslehti published in September, YIT was also considered the most interesting construction company in Finland among trained professionals in the construction industry. 

The company will continue to need highly diverse expertise in the future, as it aims to keep its place as the most attractive and reliable urban developer and construction company. 

“Our enthusiasm and success are a result of our skilled teams that pull together and very interesting customer projects. Clarity, openness, solid competence and close cooperation with different parties are the keys to success. In our demanding urban development projects, we need responsible professionals who understand the everyday lives of the end-users. Sustainable development and health and safety issues have only been highlighted in our everyday lives as a result of the pandemic,” says Pii Raulo, EVP of Human Resources.

Successful implementation of the projects requires not only extensive professional expertise in construction, but also first-class quality, uncompromising safety, excellent interpersonal skills and innovative thinking. 
As regards the construction of business premises, a total of eight schools and daycare centres will be built in the Espoo partnership school project using the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The traditional Hotel Hamburger Börs in Turku has been rebuilt, preserving the old protected section, and will open its doors next Monday. Implemented with the alliance model and selected as the “Construction Site of the Year” in 2020, the first phase of the renovation of the main building of Helsinki University was followed up in

August when YIT signed an alliance contract on the implementation of the second phase of the renovation.  
The construction of the Tampere Tramway, which was implemented using the alliance model, was completed early and the project was under budget. Traffic began in August this year. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Jokeri Light Rail is on schedule and will start operating in 2024. The construction of the Crown Bridges project started in October and will provide work for several years to come. 

Our role as an urban developer is also reflected in many of our large-scale residential area development projects. The Ranta-Tampella and Niemenranta residential areas are being built on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi in Tampere, and a wooden apartment building built using YIT's own elements will be completed in Niemenranta at the end of this year. Other major ongoing area development projects include Fabriikki in Turku, Kiela in Rovaniemi and Lentola in Vantaa. The Konepaja neighbourhood in Vallila, Helsinki, was completed at the beginning of this year after about 15 years of construction.

In addition to the competence development of the company’s own personnel, YIT invests strongly in people entering the field. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered a summer job or traineeship to nearly 700 students in Finland and received record-breaking positive feedback from trainees. Health and safety issues were thoroughly reviewed during the internships, and 98% of the respondents felt that their work environment was safe. As many as 99% would like to continue working at YIT and would recommend YIT as an employer to people they know. For the first time, we also implemented the Future Digital Talents training programme for future IT professionals who have just graduated or are about to graduate. 

A total of approximately 9,800 people responded to the Universum Professionals Survey, just over 1,900 of whom were engineering professionals. 

YIT is the ideal employer for engineering students for the third consecutive year | YITGROUP.COM

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