PRESS RELEASE 16 MARCH 2012 at 13:00




YIT has acquired Dala Elmontage Lindkvist & Bodin AB with operations in Stockholm and Dalarna in Sweden. The company’s revenue is around EUR 5 million (SEK 45 million) and it has about 30 employees.

Dala Elmontage, which was formed in 1972, is a well-established company with operations consisting of installation of electric power, alarms, data, telecommunications, television, and automation and process control in environments such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, industrial and hardware installation and commercial property premises.

- The acquisition of Dala Elmontage Lindkvist & Bodin AB strengthens our existing operations in Borlange, and is in line with our strategy to be established in expanding communities. We are proud to welcome our new employees YIT, says Jörgen Mattsson, CEO of YIT Sverige AB.

Dala Elmontage operations are primarily located in Dalarna but a successful concept for electrical installations in new construction of apartments involves operations also in Stockholm.

- We have gone through a generational change in the company and were facing several decisions concerning expansion and possible acquisitions by our own. In conjunction with these thoughts this option turned up with YIT. We see that this gives everyone great development opportunities, and we will strengthen our market position, says Niklas Bodin, owner of Dala Elmontage Lindkvist & Bodin AB.

The transfer takes place on April 1, 2012 and operations will be conducted as a subsidiary within the YIT Sverige AB.

For more information, please contact:
Inge Bodin, Owner, Dala Elmontage AB, phone +46 70-628 57 03
Niklas Bodin, Owner, Dala Elmontage AB, phone +46 70-628 63 78
Mattias Grop, Regional Manager, YIT Sverige AB, phone +46 243-669 97



Virva Salmivaara
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications



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