YIT achieves best customer satisfaction in sustainability and quality in new residential construction

YIT Corporation Press release 20 March 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

YIT Paras kestävyys EPSI 2023
YIT Paras kestävyys EPSI 2023

YIT is considered the best in its industry with regard to social, economic and environmental sustainability. The difference from the industry average is significant. YIT is also the best in terms of quality of service and quality of construction, and the company can offer the best value for money.

The results are from EPSI Rating’s Uudisasuntorakentaminen 2023 (Construction of new residential units) survey*, which the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and its largest members carry out annually. The survey measures how satisfied home buyers are with construction companies. The results are measured on an index of 0–100, where 75 is a very good level. YIT has been ranked in the top three for six years in a row.

YIT is considered the most sustainable company in the industry, with a score of 72.2 (industry average 69.9), and the company’s quality of service was the second-highest in the construction industry, with a score of 81.0 (79.2). In addition, YIT was the best in its industry in terms of customer loyalty, with a score of 78.8 (76.4), and provided the best value for money, with a score of 80.1 (78.7). YIT received the second-highest score in the industry with regard to product quality and brand. In terms of customer satisfaction, YIT remains in the top three in the construction industry. 

“I’m delighted to see that customers also see our development in sustainability, which is very important to YIT. We have invested strongly in customer experience and customer service. We also receive positive feedback from our communications during construction projects. Thanks to this, our customer loyalty and quality of service are ranked the highest in the industry. We will continue our determined work to provide good customer experiences,” says Pekka Helin, Senior Vice President, Customership and Living Services, YIT.

The importance of sustainable development in construction has increased, and it requires strong commitment and concrete actions from the whole industry. “The objective is also emphasised in the construction industry, where work to build a better future is performed every day. In addition to extensive social responsibility, the environment can be taken into account in concrete terms in the operations of a construction company, for example, with regard to energy efficiency and material choices,” says Heidi Laitinen, Country Manager at EPSI Rating Finland.

At YIT, sustainability is at the core of the strategy and a key element in all business operations. YIT aims to achieve carbon-neutral operations and commit to cutting the emissions generated by the value chain by at least 30% by 2030. In terms of its own operations, YIT has already succeeded in reducing emissions by more than 55 % compared to 2019. YIT is constantly exploring alternative solutions for materials, energy and production in order to operate in an increasingly responsible manner. 

According to a study, the most important factors when buying a new apartment are still the location of the apartment, the functionality of the floor plan and the price of the apartment. The cost of living has become the fourth most important criterion.

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*EPSI Rating’s annual business segment survey for new residential construction examines customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the impact of various issues on the customer experience in the construction industry. Customer satisfaction in new residential construction reached 74.6 index points. The results that are published now reflect customers who received a new apartment in 2022. The results are based on interviews with consumers who bought an apartment. The survey was done for the first time in 2017, when the survey concerned apartments handed over in 2016.

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