The first Mini-apartments in Helsinki almost ready

In Finland center of growths are in a constant need of apartments. YIT introduced mini-apartments in Helsinki and they were sold out before completion. The need for small apartment is rapidly increasing; therefore YIT is planning to build similar apartments in other parts of Finland.

The first Mini-apartments in Helsinki almost ready
The first Mini-apartments in Helsinki almost ready

In Finland there is a big demand for small apartments, especially in major cities. YIT has introduced a new concept, Mini-apartments, and now the first apartments according to this concept are ready in Helsinki. They were also sold out before completion. YIT is planning to build similar apartments in other parts of Finland. 

“There is a high demand for reasonably priced small apartments, especially in the capital city area. At YIT we hope that city planning would acknowledge the urgent need of one member households. In Finland one member households take up to 40% of all households and in Helsinki whopping 60%. We have excellent examples of different generations living in the same neighborhood”, says unit leader Antti Inkilä from YIT.

YIT mini-apartments are efficient city apartments designed for one of two member households. Apartment sizes range from 26, 5 m2 to 55 m2. As a part of YIT’s own new production, mini-apartments offer diverse options for apartment market. In example in apartment building in Helsinki 15 of the total of 61 apartments are mini-apartments. Residents of mini-apartments will gain a shared access to a rooftop sauna and a common room.

Space saving furniture increase functionality

According to fall 2012 customer survey conducted by YIT one member households appreciate well-functioning furniture and closet space especially in kitchen and bathroom. Space saving furniture increase apartment’s functionality, in example a folding table and bed maximize the apartment’s space.

“We wanted to show what mini-apartment is really about, so we decorated two apartments. First one is decorated for a young female student and second apartment works as a second home of a businessman. Mini-apartments are and excellent option for people in different life situations whose main priorities are a central location and excellent functionality, says development manager Samuli Joki.

YIT mini-apartments can be bought fully furnished, including textiles and even cutlery. Furniture and other equipment are planned in cooperation with YIT’s business partners.

Photos and videos of mini-apartments (video in Finnish)


Development Manager Samuli Joki, YIT Oyj,, tel. +358407553918