The City of Helsinki proposes a consortium of YIT and A-Kruunu to win the Kalasatama Nihti quality competition

YIT Corporation Press release, September 25, 2020, at 08:45 a.m.

nihti luoto view from terrace
nihti luoto view from terrace

Lukki is the first residential block to be built in the Nihti local detailed plan area, located in a prominent place in the cityscape.

The City of Helsinki proposes that four residential apartment building plots (known as the Lukki residential block) located in the Kalasatama Nihti local detailed plan area should be reserved for the consortium formed by YIT and A-Kruunu Oy.

The Urban Environment Division will discuss the city’s proposal at their meeting on September 29, 2020. The Nihti local detailed plan is complete and legally valid. Construction in the area can begin at the start of 2022 at the earliest.

Lukki is the first residential block to be built in the Nihti local detailed plan area, located in a prominent place in the cityscape and accessible through the Crown Bridges tramway. The block will have diverse housing solutions that will enrich the city spatially, socially as well as functionally. There will be owner-occupied, Hitas and ARA apartments in the residential block.

“The aim of the competition was to set a quality standard for the planning and future implementation of the Nihti local detailed plan area. In my opinion, the result was a success. The proposal, Luoto, is well-balanced and the architectural solutions are assertive. The range of apartments is diverse and the tower apartments in particular received praise,” says the chair of the jury, Matti Kaijansinkko, the City of Helsinki.

YIT’s and A-Kruunu’s proposal Luoto was chosen as the winner of the quality competition from among 14 candidates. All candidates participated in the competition anonymously.

“We strived to create a strong and unique identity for the block. The architecture aims for contrasts and roughness to reflect the history of the maritime industry in the area, while striving for the sustainable, timeless and restrained dignity of the city centre,” explains Selina Anttinen from Anttinen Oiva Architects, who were responsible for the architectural design of the Luoto proposal.

The cornerstones of Luoto’s housing design are quality and diversity. The design draws on the block’s unique location and sea views. The block will include artist apartments with street-level workspaces, community apartments for communal rental housing, two-storey terraced houses, as well as high-rise apartments with great views over the landscape. Features common to all plots in the block include spacious apartments, open views, and versatility.

In the middle of the block in the courtyard, there will be an island-like vegetation area. The centre of the island will be resting on the bedrock – not on the roof of the underground car park – so that the trees to be planted can grow freely without the restrictions involved in a deck yard. “The block yard will have spaces for play and activities, as well as quieter spaces,” explains Mari Ariluoma from Nomaji Landscape Architects.

Rooftop saunas and conservatories with terraces will be located in their own islets. Green roofs will provide a wide range of flowering plants for pollinators throughout the growing season. On the roof, spaces will be reserved for the block’s own urban beehives, which will help pollinate roof and balcony plants.

“After the launch of the Nihti quality competition, we formed a team and worked very hard. We were very successful in our creative work, even though we had to meet remotely due to circumstances,” says Heikki K. Hannukkala, Vice President, YIT.

“It was great to be part of a top team in this competition, which was organised very professionally. The versatility of housing solutions and the quality of the living environment as a whole were our design priorities,” says Jari Mäkimattila, Managing Director, A-Kruunu Oy.

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