The carbon footprint of a planned multifunctional ice sports centre in Myllypuro to be minimised through an energy solution utilizing CO2 cooling

YIT Corporation Press release, October 16, 2019, at 12 pm

YIT Caverion Luisteluliitto MJUK havainnekuva
YIT Caverion Luisteluliitto MJUK havainnekuva

A planned multifunctional ice sports centre in Myllypuro, Helsinki, will provide top conditions for practicing ice sports with a minimal carbon footprint. Investing in the centre’s energy solution has a significant carbon handprint that reduces the need for purchased energy and minimizes the carbon footprint of the property while keeping operating costs low.

When choosing an energy solution to provide the required cooling and heating for a building, the environmental impact is crucial. The new multifunctional centre will use as much electricity per year as 1,800 apartments, as much heating energy as 470 single-family houses, and as much cooling energy as 20,000 refrigerators.  

“Traditionally, ammonia has been used as a refrigerant in ice arenas. The excess heat from the cooling unit is rejected to the ambient air when at the same time heating energy is purchased from an energy supplier. By investing about half a million euros in new technology in the construction phase, it is possible to save about EUR 6 million in operating costs over a 20-year period. At best the sports centre is not just carbon neutral but can produce carbon handprint”, says Business Manager Jani Orava from Caverion Finland.

The low operating costs and low carbon footprint are based on three principal factors: recycling of energy flows in the property, local generation of energy such as photovoltaic and geothermal energy, and a comprehensive building systems delivery where automation plays a key role. Top quality ice is ensured by modern environmentally friendly technology.  

“We are involved in major urban development projects and our goal is to accelerate sustainable development. That is why we want to pay attention to the appropriate use of energy in our development projects,” says Anne Piiparinen, Senior Vice President at YIT. 

The total floor area of the multifunctional centre is approximately 16,000 square metres.  

Relief for the ice shortage in the metropolitan area 

So far, Finland has lacked a speed skating rink of international standards and Finnish top speed skaters have been forced to look for training facilities abroad. Similarly, figure skaters and other athletes in ice sports have had to compromise on their ice time and training conditions due to the shortage of ice time. This project, promoted by ice sports federations in Finland, will meet the ice time shortage in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but is also particularly significant at the national level.  

“Right from the beginning of the design phase, we have attached great importance to environmental friendliness and accessibility. In addition, our centre will be truly multifunctional: three different ice sports and many other forms of exercise can be carried out simultaneously. Another important aspect is that the centre will be a place where everyday sports and top-level sports meet,” says Janne HänninenChairman, Myllypuron Jääurheilukeskus Oy. 

The new multifunctional ice sports centre in Myllypuro is planned to be a training centre for both speed and figure skating. The plans for the sports centre include a 400-metre speed skating track, two ice rinks, a 447-metre running track, a gym, two mirror rooms for off-ice training, as well as facilities that can be used for hosting corporate events and seminars, for example. Stands with seating capacity for approximately 2,000 spectators will make it possible to organise events such as speed skating European Championships and World Championships in Finland.  

Caverion and YIT have drawn up an implementation plan for the project in accordance with the letter of intent signed with Myllypuron Jääurheilukeskus Oy.  

The Myllypuro ice sports centre is listed by the Olympic Committee as a nationally important sports centre (November 2018). The value of the project is approximately EUR 20 million. The project team is regularly in contact with the representatives of the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Financial negotiations are underway with other potential sponsors as well. 

For further information, please contact:  

Anne Piiparinen, Senior Vice President, Infra Projects, YIT, tel. +358 (0)40 823 2808,
Janne Hänninen, Chairman, Myllypuron Jääurheilukeskus Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 553 3388,
Jani Orava, Business Manager, Caverion Finland Ltd, tel. +358 (0)40 746 1608, 

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