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A world-class fitness and wellness centre, Salmisaari Wellness Centre, is opening its doors to the public in the Salmisaari business district in Helsinki on 1 April 2010. The wellness centre, easily accessible by public transportation, has facilities for all kinds of physical activities and for every sports enthusiast. The 20,000 m2 facility, designed and built by YIT, is owned by Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Among other things, there are two full-sized ice rinks, an indoor beach volleyball court, a fitness centre, versatile dance studio facilities, a bowling alley and a games arena. It is also possible to practise climbing on the 31-metre climbing wall, which is the tallest in Europe. In addition to the fitness facilities, Salmisaari Wellness Centre provides wellness services, such as massage therapy and hairstyling services, restaurants and other commercial services related to fitness and well-being.

"Varma became a Salmisaari Wellness Centre investor because of its great location and because we believe that there will be an increased demand for fitness services like these in the future. A bonus for this project is that we are also investing in a project that enhances the well-being and health of the people", comments Jari Toikka, Director of contracting for Varma.

Fitness services for the City of Helsinki with private investment funds

The development of the Salmisaari fitness centre concept was launched in 2007 and construction was begun in December of 2008. YIT implemented the fitness centre's 37 million euro project with founder-contractor risk without support from the public sector.

"Using financing arranged independently by YIT made it possible to implement a fitness centre for Helsinki residents without the construction tying up the financial resources of the city or the national government. With versatile solutions, we are able to meet the needs of the municipalities and the cities even in a challenging fiscal situation," says Tapio Salo, Director of office and business construction.

There are ten independent entrepreneurs involved in providing services and running the fitness centre at Salmisaari Wellness Centre. Thanks to this cooperation with the entrepreneurs, it is possible to provide first-class opportunities for sports that usually only attract a small number of enthusiasts. As an operating model, the Salmisaari Wellness Centre with operator and entrepreneur participation is innovative in comparison to the sports facilities operated by the conventional public corporations or a single operator.

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