Popular shared cars at Tripla have been a factor to consider when moving to Pasila

YIT CORPORATION Press release April 1, 2021, at 08:00 a.m.

Shared cars at Tripla YIT
Shared cars at Tripla YIT

The shared car service is factored in when thinking about moving to Tripla in the Helsinki neighbourhood of Pasila, and it carries some weight.

This is reported in NF Fleet’s user satisfaction survey*, to which 74 residents of Tripla’s YIT Homes responded in early 2021. A fifth of the respondents said that the shared car service influenced their decision to move to Tripla positively.

NF Fleet supplied the two first shared electric cars for Tripla for the use of YIT Homes’ residents in June 2020. In July, the number of cars rose to three and in October, to four, which is the current number of available cars.

Currently, the cars have more than 200 registered users (there are some 400 apartments in Tripla), and they are used several times every day.

In the survey, the respondents said that in the shared car service they value, in particular, having the cars available in their own garage, booking them with a mobile application and the service’s pricing being easily predictable before driving. Of all respondents about one fourth have given up their own car and little over 10% are considering it. Of the respondents who don’t have a car of their own, 80% have tried a shared car service.

Mostly, shared cars have replaced the use or lack of own car and public transport. Needs for using the service have been diverse all the way from shopping and running errands to transporting items. When asked about their hopes for further development, respondents said that at least one of the cars could be larger.

“Tripla is an example of urban living where all services are close by and where it’s easy to create and introduce services that make the life of our customers easier. Cars are rarely needed when services in the surrounding area are used. However, if you ever need a car, you can easily rent one in Tripla,” says Pekka Helin, Head of Customerships and Living Services at YIT. “Cooperation with NF Fleet has gone smoothly, and I’m glad to hear this has been also the experience of Tripla residents.”

Make your car available for others to rent through GoMore

The great experiences at Tripla encourage the trying out of new kinds of car services. YIT has initiated cooperation with the Danish company GoMore, which started operating in Finland in November.

Through GoMore, car owners can make their cars available for rental when they are not using them. GoMore enables easy, keyless, safe and affordable car rentals. All rentals are insured and include 24/7 roadside assistance. GoMore membership is free-of-charge.

You can already find three GoMore campaigns aimed at the residents of YIT Homes at the YIT Plus portal for the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and Oulu. 

“As the leading urban developer in Finland, we want to take part in building sustainable living environments. As part of the development, we are thinking about how we could reduce the number of unused cars and parking spots reserved for them”, says Helin.

*A total of 74 Tripla residents responded to the survey in early 2021. Of the respondents, 19 had not yet tried the service. The survey was conducted in the YIT Plus portal, and it was open to all Tripla residents.

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